My wee sisters Graduation!

Just a wee snap of me, ready for my sisters graduation! 
 I can't believe my little sister has graduated! It's really scary how fast time is going. It wasn't long ago when she first moved to Cambridge to study. My sister went to Anglia Ruskin University to study a BA in Graphic Design. My Mum and I travelled down on the night before her graduation from Newcastle by car. Longest journey ever. It was nice getting some quality time with my Mum in the car though as I don't see her as much as I would like to! That night we went to a buffet in Cambridge called Lucky Star...honestly the worst buffet ever to be created!!! 
My mum and I waiting for the ceremony to start, do I look like her?  or...

do I look like my father? This is my Dad, who made it to my sisters Graduation! Surprised! He drove down on the day, and made it for a 10am start! He was even at the venue before us! 

Just a few snaps of the day, proud sister :)! It's very strange seeing my sister graduate, she's only two years younger, but it's still strange! Well done to her though! I remember like it was yesterday, how quiet and shy this melonhead was. She never used to talk to anyone. But now, you can't shut her up. She yabbers and yabbers.

We went for lunch at Wagamamas. I'm not really a fan of the place, but was craving something like wagamamas. I find wagamama food quite tasteless..

The two beautiful ladies in Wagas. 
And the goof! There's always one right?

Do we look alike? I don't think we do. My sister is way prettier, skinnier and taller! 

My mother and my sister. I don't think they look alike...We all went to a restaurant my sister picked called Las Iguangas. Yummy mexican! This place really really was good. It started with the friendly waiter, Carlos. I find that if the service is good, so is the food. It makes the whole atmosphere great and you enjoy the food. 
I ordered the vegetarian enchilada. It has butternut squash in and I love butternut squash! I thought it would just be the wrap baked in an oven, but nope, they served it with rice and black beans. Safe to say I was stuffed! 

Chicken wings with bbq jerk sauce, pretty tasty! 

Nachos, my sister ordered.....

Burger nom nom! 

So yeah, Las Iguanas is by the river side, it's got a lovely view of the canal, and I'm pretty sure you could see punting boats outside on a nice day. The price is reasonable, and portions are pretty huge! I would definitely visit here again. Hopefully sometime soon when I visit the sister.

Punting boats! I want to go on one of these one day :)

We went to a wee cafe called the Arches (I think). Waiting for my sister as she was running a few errands. It was pretty cute. Just a usual cafe though. 

I loved how they had Chai latte :). It's my favourite drink, and it's getting more and more common in cafes which I am loving! 

Yummy Almond Croissant. 

We also visited some old house museum. Sadly, I didn't have a good experience here. The receptionist was awful! I don't like to namedrop people when it comes to things like this but it really did not make me happy. Second time in the South of England! Basically, we were asked where we came from. All of us said Newcastle. However, she didn't like that answer and proceeded to ask "No, which country". I would have been rude and snappy at her, but it wasn't worth my time. 

Some really old products and utensils ! I find this stuff super fascinating! 
Old pipes and tobacco! I'm not sure how old this house is, or what the whole thing was meant to be about. Who lived in it etc. It was £3 to have a wee wander. 

We had to go back to the car park and leave to head back to Newcastle, but on the way back, we went to a little tea house called The Orchard. We walked in through the wrong entrance. The scenery was nice. There were a lot of seats in the Ochard, but a lot looked very tatty. Could do with a sprucing up. There were apple trees, but the Orhard was pretty small, I imagined it to be massive. The trees also needed pruning! 
 I didn't get any images of the outside. I'm pretty sure it would be lovely when it's hot...however wouldn't like the wasps, I reckon there would be a lot of bugs and wasps due to the apples!

So lets get down the the wee tea room. We entered by the wrong entrance. There was a lady who was clearing, and walked right by us. She didn't even say anything to us, we assumed we had to wait to be seated. But we did a little investigating, it was self service. We got to the self service area, and I ordered a pea and ham soup. My mum, who has trouble reading close up, didn't have her glasses and asked the gentlemen if they had baked potatoes. He rudely replied with "it's up there on the sign". Which was not very nice!! The three staff seemed like they couldn't be bothered, and the gentlemen was also on his phone in front of us! I wouldn't have minded any of this, but the way he spoke to my mum was not cool.

So yeah this was the pea and ham soup...there was no ham, and it was very bland. Heinz does a better soup!! I love pea and ham, this ruined it.  

My sister had the baked tattie....she said it was nice. I assume it was, I should have ordered this. Silly me, I know I don't like soup but chose soup! Thanks Melonhead for the lunch today. 

Anyways, it was a lovely graduation, I am so proud of my sister! Now it's back to normality, until it's my turn for the second time round. Hopefully without the stress. Just one simple journey to collect my gown, photos, and ceremony.



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