When David came to stay for two weeks!

Thought I should write about the 13 days when David came to stay. He came for that long because of the school holidays. So grateful for these half term holidays! I'm lucky to see him this often! 
I met him at the Airport on the evening of the 11th. I've never met anyone at the airport before, so this was pretty neat! A little bit cheesy too. 
We had a few things planned for when he was back. I met his parents and he met mine...scary! But it all went well, and we survived. 
So on the 12th October, we went to eat at a chinese restaurant. We wanted to go to Saigon Saigon, but they were jam packed and there was a queue so we went to one which we've been past but never really thought to go in called Hung Fu Noodle Bar. 
It's an upstairs restaurant at the end of Princes Street. It has very old decor, not modern at all. The best thing about the place is the bar bit.
The bar looks pretty neat, kinda like the one in Voodoo Rooms. As you can see the decor is old! The tables are covered in a plastic sheet, typical chinese ;)! 

David pulling faces :)

Chicken and Duck in some sauce, I think they named it "Hung fu Sauce" It was good...the chicken was a wee bit dry though. 

Duck noodles! Yum! I love how they put loads of sauce over this!

Chilli Squid...it was pretty tasty, squid was nice and soft. 

Fried dumplings...they weren't too fried, so the majority was soft. 

That night we popped over to Glasgow for the night. I met his parents who were lovely. We stayed until Sunday and went for a walk around Glasgow. 
The angle of the camera was pretty rubbish but this was at the Museum of Modern Art in Glasgow. Such a pretty staircase.

Camera angle weird again, a weird seat..

We stopped at Ichiban for lunch. The layout is exactly like wagagamamas. Some of the food was the same too....but I think it's slightly better. These were pork dumplings.

Udon noodle soup. These were a side....massive portion wooooh

Pork Katsu curry. The potatoes in this was yummy. The rice was a wee bit too hard. 

Not the best sushi! 

That night we went back to David's parent's and had lasagne. It was yummy! 

On the Tuesday, we visited Newcastle, so that David could meet my mum and step dad. Also to show David around a wee bit.
We found a place which sells bubble tea! It's called Bubble Cha. I haven't had bubble tea in years!

Taro favoured! Mmm!

We also went for a early dinner at a place called Wing Kee Hong Kong Style Diner....it was simple inside, there were photos of Hong Kong around the restaurant and it was filled with wooden tables. Here is wonton soup..mmmm

I got my favourite, beef hofun!! I could eat this forever!

Char siu bao!

They had two kitchens, this bit where everyone can see and one in the back. 

Just our wee faces! 

We decided to go to Durham on the first day. Durham is a nice place for sight seeing! 

We also visited the Angel, not been here in years!

David, my mum, step dad and I went to Lau's 202. It's my step dad's favourite I think! 

We went to the Baltic, and this was on the floor under the staircase. Although it was just a mirror, it felt like you would fall!!! 

We ate out quite a bit during David's stay! We went to a Korean restaurant because I've never had Korean food before! 

These come with every meal...in Korea you get around 10 of them! Sadly they didn't give us kimchi, which should be added I think! 

 I'm not sure what we ate, but it was really good! I really liked the pancake...the pajeon! 

We also went to Candy bar for lunch at some point....we decided to get the wee lite bites. You can get 6 for £12...Also got the cheese fondue at £3.50 per person! 

We also went to Saigon! I love this place. I love Chinese food! 
Chinese donut and salted duckegg "jook" 

Chinese donut cheung fun

I hated these...decided to get a dumpling I've never tried...pork and chive I think! 

We also decided to go to a hot pot restaurant in Edinburgh called Yes Sushi. It was all you can eat in two hours and also a sushi buffet. To be honest it wasn't that great. Service was rubbish!!! 
The restaurant was packed! 

You can chose up to four soup bases, we chose two. 

You order from a list, and you an keep ordering. This was our first plate, chinese fungus, razor clams (AMAZING!Love these!), Dumplings, Chinese leaves, Kelp, squid
Our second plate involved rice cakes, fish balls and crab

You could also order noodles....meat etc.....! And also sushi! 

This was a rather quick post with lots of pictures :)! 


Kelly K

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