Why Korea?

I've been thinking a lot about Korea lately. It's exciting to plan something far out of my comfort zone. I would never have had the guts to do this on my own, and must thank someone very dear to me! Without him, I'd still be in my little box, with nothing to really aim for. 
I've always wanted to do well in everything I do, hence all the hard work at university. I want to better myself and tell all those horrid teachers at my high school that I can do it, and to make sure that no one ever puts me down again.

I've just finished my masters in marine science. I would still love to be a marine biologist, however it depends on the job. I've seen a lot of jobs advertised for consultancy work, and I really don't want to get into consultancy. I'm not really sure what I would like to do with my degrees. I've applied to a few jobs, and PhDs, but of course, never make it past the interview stage, as well, I am no good (most likely never will be!). I can't dwell on that though. I need a new back up plan! 

I've also had some ambition to get a teaching qualification. Preferably in primary schools. I'd love to teach primary children! I get on great with kids, and would be a pretty exciting thing. I assisted teaching back in 2009 to primary school children, helping Newcastle University with their Outreach programme, and enjoyed it. I went straight into my MSc because at the time, I thought it was the right thing to do. I now wish I went straight into teaching, instead of wasting almost 5K on a qualification I would most likely not use. 

So why Korea? Since being with David, it has opened me up to a few things, like working abroad. I could probably apply to some marine jobs out there in the world. David and I were speaking about Korea. He went a few years ago, and taught English. It appeals to me! We decided to plan and go in 2014, teach English, and experience another culture. Also travel Asia! It'd be easier to travel Asia when on that side of the world than here in the UK. I've seen a lot of people go over to Asia, and do all sorts of things. Some going over to Australia and working....I know that's what I'd like to do now, go over to a completely new country, and experience what it's like to work and live in a whole new country! 

I'm pretty much a shy person when it comes to leaving home. When I left home to go to university, I was distraught. I honestly did not want to go! I applied for Newcastle university but obviously did not get the grades, even through their partners program which lowered my entry grades by one grade! I was awful back at high school. But I don't blame myself. I worked very hard. I blamed my teachers, especially my biology and chemistry teachers where they made us learn from text books and would leave us in classrooms by ourselves for the whole class. My geography grade was top notch...and I had a very good teacher who would sit and give us so many resources and explain all the concepts to us. And guess what, I hate geography! I had to choose a university that was away from home, or not go at all. Of course, I wanted to go to a university and picked the one closest to home which did my degree. Edinburgh Napier University. It was only 1 1/2 hours away from home. Although I threw tantrums about going, missing home a lot, I loved it. I love being away from home. I miss my family a lot, but I wouldn't go back to live in Newcastle permanently. I like my independence.

 I've been in Edinburgh for 5 years now, almost 6! Yikes. I still can't imagine leaving. But it's now time to get out of my comfort zone and leave. Move somewhere new! 

That's it for now, 

Lots of thinking going on lately :)! 


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