Annyeonghaseyo! Hey guys! I graduated! It was a less stressful graduation than my undergraduate graduation. My last graduation was pouring down with rain. It was so stressful because my sister and father came up from the south of England, and their trains were severely delayed due to someone getting killed at Northallerton. The rain didn't help as we had no where to wait but outside...drenched rats! We didn't even go to the reception, which was a shame.
This time, it was just my mother and I. Less stressful. Difficult getting to Heriot Watt by car from Leith though! But it was all inside, and everything was located close to each other :). It was actually a nice graduation, the ceremony wasn't too long. There was a wee choir which was nice. 
So I felt a little bit like a Hogwarts student as the colours were gold and blue. I have a vendetta against graduation dresses! Whoever invented the hood needs shot! I understand you need to wear a shirt with buttons...but someone needs to make one where it will fit a dress! 
I had a problem with mine. I used pins to secure the hood onto my gown but as soon as I stood up from my seat to wait in line, both pins popped off! Imagine the panic! Anyways, the lady sorted my gown, and said I would have to hold it as I walked was fine until I started to walk, I'm pretty sure on the video you can see me fighting with my hood! It's all I could think about hahaha! 

Waiting in line, holding on dearly to my hood! 

And the hood falls off my shoulder! It actually doesn't look too bad thankfully!

Scary bit over! I didn't fall and neither did the hood...well it did as you can see! Stupid hoods! Needed Velcro! 
With one of my lecturers, Mark Hartl. Without him, I'd never have chosen Heriot Watt!

Another lecturer of mine, Bill Sanderson

Not all, but the majority of the marine crew

I quite like this photo! 

Well yeah, that's it for this update, I graduated! Officially have a Masters in Marine Biodiversity and Biotechnology! Hard work paid off :]! 


Kelly Kaman Yuen BSc, MSc 

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