Learning Korean!

헤ᄅ로 ,
So this is hello when written using the Korean Hangul alphabet. However, hello is actually 안녕하세요 (Ann-yeong-haseyo)
I'm actually trying to learn the Hangul alphabet. I've been told by 다비ᄃ that learning the alphabet is really useful when getting around Korea, getting buses, and reading menus. Obviously, you'll need to know the english phonetics for things such as Seoul, S: ᄉ, S-eo= 서, S-eo-ul=서울 and Bibimbap (A Korean Dish) would be B=ᄇ, Bi= 비, Bib= 비ᄇ, Bibim= 비빔, Bibimbap= 비빔밥. Cool huh? 
I still have much to learn, first step is getting the hangul alphabet nailed! Then learning basic phrases so I know what to say when over there! 

That's all for now :)

Goodbye! 안녕히가세요 (Ann-yeonghi-gaseyo)

Kelly 케ᄅ리  

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