More Planning!

So I've been doing a little bit more planning for Korea. Just made up a CV to send to future employers. Luckily a lot of employers are looking for graduates. You don't even need to have a teaching degree which is a bonus! I have a few good things for my CV to help them decide whether to offer me a position. 
At the zoo, I had to do quite a few kids parties, organising wee tours around the zoo for the children, this was before it changed and now kids parties are boring and stupid! 
Also my volunteering at the Dove marine laboratory in summer 2009 where I had to teach some wee children about marine life. Ages actually ranged from primary school to 6th formers. I taught them basics to marine life, and took them out to the sea shore to go "sampling". I also had to do a "survivorship" course, where it was a weeks summer school for children from different primary schools. They had a main goal to build a "life raft" from certain "adults" had to test them! Boy was it scary! It was actually a good summer! 
My group building the life raft!

Building the sails! 
Getting ready for the race! We had to reach the pier and back...a long way!!

Our raft capsized! Noo! The water was so cold! Also I can't really swim, so this was difficult ;)! 

I actually enjoyed teaching these wee youngsters. And the ones previous to this survivorship summer school.
Korea will be a lot of fun, especially getting to teach kindergarten and elementary kids English. My step dad said I was really good with kids, and even suggested I go into teaching primary school at our previous meeting. I'm still not sure, but he says I should definitely look into it.

That's all for now anyways, 

Kelly K 

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