Happy New Year! Can't believe it's 2014 already. I've not been writing proper blog posts lately because my internet is down in the cottage. We've had horrendous weather on the Island. I'm pretty sure everywhere else in the UK got hit too. Plusnet are being slow and it's taken them an age to come fix it. It's almost been a month with no broadband. Thankfully I have my phone. Therefore can't update properly about my holiday to Lanzerote...etc.      

I hope everyone had a great Christmas! I didn't see my family again this Christmas. I spent the day with David in the cottage with a 5 course dinner.
I can't believe 2013 is over, well I can believe it, but the last few months went by pretty quickly. I moved to the Island at the beginning of December and now its the beginning of January. Pretty nuts. I like the Island. I'm still pretty homesick and miss the mainland. The thing I miss most are buses!!! Edinburgh has the best buses. You can get a bus anywhere and every 10 mins. Sadly on the island its every hour and they dont even have pattern...I.e bus can be at 3.00 then next one at 16.45...etc so random times. The last bus on a weekday is at 9 and last bus on saturday is 11. There are no buses on a Sunday! I still need to get used to the Sundays. Fortunately there is a 24 hour taxi company. It's not so great on New years eve though.
I spent the end of of my 2013    travelling back from work. Had a massive wait for taxis as all of them were busy. I've never felt so homesick in my life! Nonetheless, I made it home to see the fireworks on tv :).
It was lovely seeing Edinburgh on TV. I miss the city so much. I thought that I'd love this quiet life. I miss the ease of being able to travel anywhere. Also the fast internet back home...I do still like Stornoway.
So 2013 was a mixed feeling year. The beginning of it wasn't so great. I had left the zoo, and the Mansion bitches because there were hardly any hours and started working at Mcdonalds. Not one of the best places to work. I did enjoy the company of some staff, who were lovely. One of the ex managers from the zoo helped me get the Mcdonalds job and I am so thankful. Sadly during Easter I wanted to leave Mcdonalds and back to the zoo. I felt bad for doing so but I was much happier at the zoo.
So here are my top 10 favourite moments of 2013:
10. MCS beach clean with two of my friends Blazka and Anica. I loved this day, the weather was perfect and we all did a bit of beach cleaning as part of the big beach watch! 
9. MSc project,  visiting Loch Creran, spending time on Serpula collecting samples of phytoplankton.

8. Lanzerote, having a family holiday. It was nice experiencing a holiday with family and seeing a different country.
7. Visiting and moving to Stornoway, getting out of Edinburgh.                  
6. Getting ducks! Before I moved up, David got given ducks! Four of them, 3 girls and 1 boy. We didn't jnow the sex until they grew older hence the names. Girls: Theo, Princess Quakers and Lewis. Boy: Harris

5. The late nights working in Mansion house with the mansion bitches
4. Starting at the Cabar and meeting some nice people
3. Christmas day, spending my first Christmas with David
2. Graduation!
1. Toby's birthday/Davids graduation night.
2013 started out pretty rubbish but it ended pretty well! I'm adamant that 2014 will be an amazing year. I have quite a bit planned already. Hoping to visit Prague and Amasterdam (to see Anne Franks house). Then depending on David's teaching, going to Korea in July to teach English to kindergarten and elementary school kids.
So I guess my goals this year will be:                                     
1. Excercise more, eat better. This is the usual resolution. Feeling like a pie after this month! 

2. Learn Korean! I know the basics, how to read it but not what it means. Learning the core 100 basic words and then moving onto phrases.
3. Visit Prague!!                     
Its not much. Not really resolutions, just some things I want out of 2014. I can't remember my resolutions for 2013...!
I usually have donate blood 4 times (you can only do it 4 times a year anyways) but I got a piercing in May and a Tattoo in July. So no donating until then.
So yeah, hello 2014! For auld lang syne, my dear, for auld lang syne!
Hope this year is a brilliant one!
Bliadhna Mhath √ôr (gaelic for happy new year...such a beautiful language!).

Love Kells


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