Amicus Apple Review

Amicus Apple is kinda of like a bar, which serves food. I'm not sure what you call them. They are located on Frederick Street, Edinburgh. They also have one in Aberdeen! Check out their website at 
The decor inside was amazing. It's a little dark, especially during the day, but I guess a lot of these bars are. They've recently decorated the place, the bar was made out of pennies! And there was a wall with a massive plastic housing which had moss growing inside. Pretty neat. 
The staff were be honest they were a little hostile, but I think it was because they knew the person I was dining with. 

The menu is pretty neat! They also had a box on the table, kinda like a treasure chest, which had cutlery, and sauces etc.
We decided to go for a selection of small plates which were either £4 or £6. 

Soup! £4. I forget which soup, as it was a long time ago when I went here. It was good! I love the presentation. 

Scallops with black pudding! £6. They were good, I love black pudding! 

I forget what these are! They're not haggis as I originally thought they were. I think they were the breaded pork rilletes with heather honey piccalilli and Somerset cider puree. £6

Wild mushroom fricassee with tarragon and chardonnay sauce on toasted brioche. £6 

Locally sourced baby back ribs, Amicus house glaze and lemon crème fraiche coleslaw
£6. These were amazing! 

And lastly, Warm salted caramel brownie with chocolate 
sauce and ice cream. Which was £5.50. This was heaven! I wish I wasn't so full! 

Amicus Apple is great for a spot of lunch...I love these type of lunches! So if you're in Edinburgh, pop in! 


Overall 4/5 hearts

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