An Lantair

The An Lantair is kinda of like an Art museum...but isn't. It's also a cinema, they also have pantomimes, a bar AND a restaurant! David and I had just finished our shopping for Christmas dinner, and we wanted some food before getting the bus back. It was another hour and a half wait for the bus, so we ate at the An Lantair. It is located in the centre town, opposite the County on Kenneth Street. Visit for more information. 

The portion's in Stornoway are HUGE! My gosh! I love it! I love walking out of a restaurant/cafe feeling full, rather than feeling okay, or hungry! I had the chicken tikka baked potato. Can't go wrong with a baked potato! It came with crisps and a wee side salad. The salad was good! It had apples in it and a sweet drizzle! Yum! It made me add apples to my own salads at home. This was around £8. Again I forget the pricing, but it was definitely £8-9! 

David had the seafood chowder! It looks amazing right? Because it was :)! He doesn't eat potatoes because he doesn't like them, so I had them..yum. There was salmon and prawns. I think something else...this was around £6. 

David came here for his Christmas night out with his work. He said it was one of the best meals he's ever had! 

Definitely a nice wee place for a coffee or tea too! 


Overall 5/5 hearts

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