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I miss my food posts! I've not been cooking as much as I would have liked but recently I've been cooking quite a bit. Mostly due to having loads more time and having someone else to cook for. 
As you all know, I plan on going to Korea in the Summer. I haven't had much experience with eating Korean food, but what I've had has been amazing! I've tried cooking some on my own, with the help of David. 

Here we have Pajeon, 파전. It's a Korean Pancake. We used a remixed pancake mixed that we bought in an Asian supermarket. I've tried this twice in two Korean restaurants and they were so different to each other. I went to Shilla which tasted more like pancake, and Kim's mini meals which tasted more like egg...I preferred the one at Shilla, and this one was closer to the one at Shilla. 
This was an attempt at the Korean Bulgogi, 불고기. The Korean version of this is less saucy and is cooked in a Korean Barbeque, or griddled. I liked the sauce so much that I kept the sauce. It's so good with rice! Here's the recipe for the sauce, because it's amazing with rice!
1/4 cup of Soy Sauce
1 tablespoon of Sesame Oil
3 tablespoon of sugar
3 cloves of garlic minced
1 tsp of ginger, grated
1/2 tsp of chilli flakes

Heat all of this together and then pour over the rice....or if you want to make bulgogi:
Strips of beef
2 Spring Onions cut into small pieces
1/2 onion, cut into moon slicesAdd this to the cold bulgogi sauce and mix well with hands. Place in the fridge for an hour to marinade (or cook straight away if you're as impatient as me) and then fry. Remove the sauce if you don't want it saucy, but keep it if you do... recommend you do because that sauce is amazing!
Here is the Korean of Katsu curry, Don Katsu. Apparently there are various versions of this. Especially with the sauce. I guess I'll get to try when I get to Korean :)!
The pork was battered in breadcrumbs. I didn't have an this was dipped in milk, flour and breadcrumbs. It was then lightly fried, so the breadcrumbs didn't fall off, and then cooked in the oven.

That's all I've attempted with Korean food. Next I'm going to try and make's so tasty! But I need to get my hands on the Gochujang paste.

Right away from Korean food now! Now onto Christmas :)! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas, and a nice Christmas meal! I sure did. I had 5 courses! Yum! 

Carrot and Coriander soup
As always, you can't have Christmas without a prawn cocktail :)! 
Christmas dinner..The beef was awesome! I love my beef this rare :)! 

And for dessert was keylime pie! This was a toughy to make without an electric whisk!!!

And finally the night ended with cheese :)

Boxing day, we had left over prawn cocktail in a sandwich for lunch 

And had the same as Christmas dinner for dinner...but with more on a plate! Haha

At some point, David made paella! I can't make this. Well I've never tried. It turned out well. It was so tasty. Mmm. There was chorizo and prawns. 

David also made this quiche!! and coleslaw! 

Monkey bread!!! 

Cookies :)

Salt and pepper chicken...this was so good. A pretty decent fakeaway! Recipe:
Beef strips
5 tablespoons of Cornflour
1 egg
Spring onions
2 table spoon Sesame oil
2 tablespoon soy sauce
chilli peppers 

Heat about 2 table spoons sesame oil in a frying pan
Dip the beef strips into egg and then fully coat with cornflour
Fry these strips. Sometimes you need more oil...I usually add whatever oil i can find and shallow fry these strips until crispy. 
Remove the stips from the oil and drain excess oil using kitchen paper. 
Stir fry the rest of the ingredients and then add the beef
toss together..and voila. Yum!!! 

That's it for the cooking side of things...:)


Kells x

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