Golden Ocean Restaurant Review

Stornoway is a small town, therefore there's only a small number of restaurants. What the town doesn't lack are places to eat Chinese! Especially takeaways. I visited a restaurant called Golden Ocean, which is in the centre of town at 16 Cromwell Street, HS1 2DA. David and I were craving chinese, I think we had a while to wait for the bus, probably two hours or so, so we attempted this place. 
From the outside it doesn't look much. Like a run down chinese place really. being Chinese myself, I get quite critical. I have had some good chinese in the past. This restaurant is not that great. They serve the exact same food as the takeaway right next door, which is owned by them. 

I didn't take the photo, it's copyrighted to the Local data company, I found this on google. 

It was a COLD night. The winds were blowing hard that night! And the rain!  We were hoping it would be warm inside, but it was SO COLD!! That was the problem. Even if it was takeaway food, it would have been more enjoyable in a warmer restaurant! Anyways, the female waitress was friendly, and very attentive. 

Chicken Wings, it was good! I forget what flavour, but decent enough for starters.

Ribs! In a sweet sauce...the sauce was so good, I regret not buying chips with it hahaha!

I always order my favourite dish, Duck, ginger and spring onion because I always get disappointed when I order something else. I judge whether a chinese is good by their ability to make my favourite dish...that and the fried rice. This was good! I would have preferred the ginger to be thinner and more garlic. The garlic they used was dried pieces. I'm not a fan! There could have been more spring onion too...
David ordered the Chicken. It wasn't sweet and sour..I think maybe Peking? Something similar to the crispy northern chicken you get at Chop Chop. The sauce tasted similar to the ribs sauce...not surprising as it's most likely made from tomato ketchup.  

The cheesy guy waiting for me to finish taking photos so he can tuck in ;)! The rice was good, sadly, because the restaurant was so cold, our food went cold very easily! 

I don't think I will visit here again, I'd most likely get a takeaway from either Island Star or Fusion...



Overall 2/5 hearts

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