HS-1 Cafe Review 2

HS-1 will probably be one of the places I visit most often whilst on the Island. It's a nice atmosphere, and there's pretty good ice cream! Visit this website for more information http://www.royalstornoway.co.uk/pages/hs1-cafe-bar-stornoway.html. It is located on 11 James Street. 
David and I entered without a booking, and they only had one place left for us to sit, which was the sofa with the coffee table. Not a bad place to sit. It was rather relaxing. I did find it annoying how a table of two had finished, and they never offered us to move to the table...we hadn't ordered yet, and it was possible to move. It was only noticed by me when a lady walked in and asked if there were any free tables, and they gave her the one where the couple left 5 minutes earlier. 

The Rooster..
I went to look at the website but they've changed the menu! Doh! Haha, I forget what it was topped with. This was David's. It was a pork burger, with a chicken breast underneath...topped with cheese and other toppings! Yum! He forgot to remove the chips haha, usually he'd ask for more salad. I forget the exact pricing, but it was definitely over £11.  

I had beef! Again, because they changed the menu, I can't see what I had! I chose beef because I love red meat. I would chose red meat over chicken etc any day! It was amazing. The portions here are HUGE which I love. It came with boiled potatoes, a cheesy mashed potato, sprouts, cabbage, mangetout! The beef literally was so juicy and soft as if it was cooked for hours...mmmm! This was around £12+.

I ordered a dessert...cheeky cheeky me ;)! Especially after this massive main course!
We usually go for starters too...but decided against it. 

They had a decent ice cream selection! You can get sharers too which look huge! Yum
I will always go back here! 


Overall 3/5 hearts

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