Kim's Mini Meals Review

Two blog posts in one day! Rare from me. I haven't written a restaurant review in a while. As you know, my reviews are informal and usually consists of lots of pictures! 
This time I am going to review Kim's Mini Meals! The restaurant is located on 5 Buccleuch street, EH8 9JN in Edinburgh. It's a small cosy restaurant, so make sure you phone up to and book. Especially during dinner time. At lunch, they advised that we didn't need to book, but I would call up and make sure there's space just in case :)! This is a link to their website You can also find them on facebook!

Right, we phoned up during lunch time because we were craving Korean food! We were meaning to try this restaurant out a while ago, but it's pretty far from Leith. The guy on the phone said we didn't need to book, and could walk straight in. That's what we did, they closed at 3 and we arrived just after 2. The place was busy! They had every table full bar 1. We were sat right next to the door. The owner moved us to the table next to the counter once that couple left, which was lovely! We didn't ask to move, he did it from his own generosity! 

This is the view we had :). What a cute little restaurant!! I love it! I love restaurants that are decorated in mis matched furniture and cute decor! They also had wee socks on the end of the table legs and chair legs so that they don't scratch the floor, or make noise! Cute!!!

We sat by the counter, and it was full of cute random ornaments! I adore these and spent the majority of my meal looking at them. They also had an electronic picture frame displaying some pictures of the food! 

I love the place settings in Korean restaurants! So cute :)

You get free side dishes with main meals in this Korean restaurant. It's like in Korea, you always get side dishes. However in Korea you get about a dozen. These were awesome. I love how you get these side dishes. What I liked most was they gave us a bit of kimchi! 

I forget what the sides were. The empty bowl consisted of potato and leek soup. My boyfriend David doesn't like potatoes, but he liked this soup! Great!
There's his cheesy face :)! One of the sides was a Korean fish cake. I forget the other. 

For starters we ordered the Pajeon. 
This was more eggy that I would have liked. But nevertheless it was also pretty yummy. It's like a spring onion pancake. This was at £7. It's a good sharer! Pretty expensive though! At £7, with no seafood? Weird how mains are £8 and starters £7...

We ordered two mains: 

Dolsot Galbi, Ribs in a stone pot! £8
The vegetables were raw, which is the whole point of the stone pot! The stone pot is sizzling hot, and it cooks it at the table. This was so tasty!!! The meat just fell off the bone. Yummy!!!

Dolsot Bibimbap £8 
There was pieces of mince in this! Yummy. I like bibimbap...but I don' think I will order the dolsot version. I don't like how the rice crisps up...not the restaurants fault :) I wanted to try something I've never tried before. It was really tasty!

Both mains were served with a bowl of rice. It was mixed grains I think. I don't like mixed grain rice. I prefer plain white rice...maybe they have plain white rice? I'll have to ask next time! I think you can have a second helping of rice if you ask, so the website says. 

Everything in this restaurant is home cooked by the owners wife! Amazing! They create different Korean meals and advertise on their facebook page. All of it looks amazing! I would love to try them all before I go to Korea!!! 

The owner came and offered us a bite of their kiwi pudding! Amazing and light! I could have eaten more!

We are definitely visiting again when we are back in February...maybe I should book a table for valentines day! Yuuuuummmmmy! 

Overall, this is worth a visit and well...needs to be everyone's favourite! It's such a welcoming restaurant.   

Price is decent too.



Overall 5/5 hearts

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