Finally, here comes my post about my Lanzarote holiday with my family back in November. It's been a while, which is a shame, I wish I updated as soon as I could. 

Day 1: 21.11.2013

I'm so glad we didn't have an early flight. We made it to Lanzarote in just under 4 hours. I hate flying by the the flight was terrible. Anyways, we arrived at around 2pm and got to our apartments at 3. We arrived during the siesta time, and checkin wasn't until 5. Thankfully they had a sofa area where my step dad waited with our luggage :). It was only my second time in a different country, not counting Ireland. It was different to my other experience. More touristy. I went to Portugal the first time away, and it was totally different to Lanzarote. I think I prefer Lanzarote, but prefer a hotel over self catering apartments. 
Anyways, that night we walked along the front in Peurto del Carmen. 

We went to a tapas restaurant on the first night and my step dad accidentally ordered this large platter. The waiter thought he meant one for each person, but anyways...we ate it and it was pretty darn good! 

Day 2 

The good thing about going to Lanzarote in November is that the weather is just right. It wasn't too hot, but it was still sunny. There's a frozen yogurt chain in Lanzarote and Spain called Mooy...I'm a sucker for froyo!
Not all mine ;) but I could have eaten them all! Mmm! We took the day to look around Peurto del Carmen, it's what we did most days really. I loved the nic nak shops! Each shop had the same thing, but it was pretty fun to look into each one! 

We went to this Italian, and it was pretty amazing. the service was pretty good. The portion sizes were huge! Prices are average. It shocks me how a pint of beer was cheaper than a tiny coke!! 
Look at the size of that calzone! mmm. Not really sure why both people on the left and and on the right of my step dad are watching us.. Sorry, but we had this the whole of the holiday! Every restaurant, every tourist place...even by our own pool!! it's like they haven't seen a chinese person before!!! 

I had the pasta bolognese. It was so good, and it was massive!! 

Day 3
It was another relaxing day, walking around Peurto del Carmen, sunbathing and swimming! I decided to plunge the pool. I forget how cold those pools are! Brr, I froze my pants off! 

We went to a place called Chihuahuas. Wow! The waitress, I think she owns the place is a grumpy lady!! Anyways 2.50 for a breakfast this big! Cannae complain right!!? Yum

Just a few photo's through the the day. The last one was such a lovely sight. I was fishing when I saw it. 

Yep, that's me fishing! We caught one wee fish. Not edible though, and it was a nasty wee bugger! Flared up it's spikes...although I don't blame it as we did hook him...woops! 

Day 4

We went to a place called Teguise! It was a Sunday, and on Sundays they have a market. Not just any market. It's MASSIVE. You could easily get lost. We went using one of those excursion trips. 
The first thing we notices once off the bus was how cold it was!! Not as cold as the UK, but pretty nippy. It was on top of a mountain, so got pretty chilly at times, then the sun came out when we left!

They had farm animals on show :). I thought they were the best attraction!

And the star of the animals was this wee guy:
Such a chirpy little fella!

These are just a few photos of the market itself. It was much bigger than the pictures show. There were stalls everywhere! 
I had to get the poutine! Not anything like the real thing, but pretty good! 

We went to a place call Pinocchio for dinner, and it was pretty good! 

Day 5

Sadly I don't have many photos of today! We went on another excursion, this time to another Island, called Fuerteventura. I didn't realise how close to Africa Lanzarote was by the way! 
We got a bus to Playa Blanca, then a ferry to the island. 

Again we had a breakfast...I must have had a load of these during my stay! They were so cheap and well filling.

And of course, the trip ended with ice cream :)
We ate a chinese buffet that was cheap also. But it tasted could taste the msg in every dish! 

That night we went back to the Italians! 
My sister had the calzone...not sure how she managed to eat all this!

I had the pork chops marinaded in an apple cider

Step Dad had the stew

My mum had the fish...can't remember what fish!
It ended with a cheese plate and a kiwi pudding!

Oh and a shot or two of honey rum! 

Day 6

We went Arricife! It was a scary experience. Haha, we originally didn't know where the main part of town was...and it was a dodgy area. But we ended up finding the tourist attractions. Again some photos. 

Day 7

We went to the Playa Blanca market. I didn't take photos of the market. It was a nice wee market. Better than Teguise because they sold a lot of local items. None of the looky looky man goods ;)!

The rest of the time in Lanzarote (we stayed 10 days) was spent sunbathing and just enjoying the weather! 
Also the the following pictures show...yum! 

Ciao :)


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