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I realised I haven't posted anything other than recipes and food posts! There's not a lot to do in Stornoway when your job has a lack of business and you're getting 0 hours because of it. I've literally been at home for the past two weeks with nothing to do apart from cook and bake. I had to sign on to job seekers for a while, at least until work picks up, or if I find another job (Unlikely, Stornoway is tiny! Nevertheless applying to anywhere and everywhere). I'm looking into volunteering for a few places if work doesn't pick up, just something to do with my time. I might be able to volunteer in David's school, with a different class which is nice! I hope I get to do that soon, it'd be great experience for Korea!
Sometimes I wonder whether I should be putting my career on hold, I should be applying for graduate jobs in my field, but right now, with Korea set firmly in my mind, I can't seem to do that. It'd be unfair on the employers (That's if I actually got hired anywhere) and also would make me look bad if I quit less then a year into a contract.
I shouldn't be justifying going to Korea for anybody, but feel like people judge me sometimes when I say I am going, or want to go. I never got to travel. I get a lot of, "you should be applying for a graduate degree, work on your career, there's no time to be having fun" ... but why? Because you tell me to? I'm lucky that my mother is okay with me going though...phew!
I met a lot of people who have traveled to many countries and I too want to do that. Or at least experience living in a different country. I've met so many people from my zoo job that have traveled to Scotland to study, or just to live! I admire that. I also know some people who have left Scotland after their degree to work in Austrailia for a year or two, and I too admire that.
I once knew a girl, she worked at the zoo briefly, we went shopping sometimes, and I also helped train her up in the zoo, but she switched jobs pretty quickly as the zoo was too much. She had just turned 18 and traveled from her home country Sweden to Scotland for the first time! She stayed in someone's flats using couch surfers. That to me is brave!
I've literally studied the whole of my life! I haven't had a break until now. Right from my early years, I was at nursery, up to high school. I carried on to 6thform/college. Then I went on to study an undergraduate degree for 4 years, and carried on another year to do my masters. I never took a gap year, and I think I should have before I done my masters. I feel that now is the right time to go visit another country, and work a year or two abroad.

I always get asked "Why Korea?". I also always get asked "is that where you're from?" Which makes me chuckle :). The latter question answers my first question. I'm Chinese (Born in the UK), but I don't want to work in China or Hong Kong! I want to be somewhere different, away from my own race, somewhere where I can learn a different culture. It was between Japan or Korea, so I picked Korea. I also picked Korea over Japan because David has been before, he too is coming with me. He taught at a Hagwon school a few years ago, so can show me the ropes. 

Anyways, enough of Korea! Hahaha, I'm pretty excited, it's why I keep posting about it. 

I will end with these: 

The last one is Linkedin, not Instagram, but same message applies. Considering making this blog private also, so only certain people can read via invite...shame. 



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