Restaurant Review: Kublai Khan

Here's another review on a restaurant I truly like! It's rather expensive though, but in my opinion is well worth the price. Khublai Khan is a Mongolian restaurant, and is a buffet. They have a restaurant in Glasgow and Edinburgh. I've only been to the one in Edinburgh. 
The price per person can be up to £40, including drinks. I went during the Christmas period, and it was more expensive than when you go during any other time. They had an unlimited one which included a starter, dessert, and unlimited times up to the buffet. I think it was around £29.95 per person. This was extortionate! Anyways, it's not everyday you get to splash out, and it was Christmas. Usually the buffet is around £24.95...still hefty, but unlimited!There's a 3 course pre theater that's around £17. Information is found here
The restaurant is located on Assembly street in Leith. Hard to find if you don't know what you're looking for! It looks scabby from the outside, but when you go inside it's lovely, and during a cold winter night, it's most welcoming walking into a fire lit room! 

So, because it was Christmas, we got a free shot of vodka! We also got a bowl of warm foccaia, included in the price. 
Also included were starters! 
Takia, honey and rosemary chicken skewers
These were so yummy!

Zerleg An, Mixed game (Venison, Pheasant, Rabbit) casserole in bread bowls 
This was Davids, he says it was good. The presentation of this is superb! 

This is what you approach when you get to the buffet station! You pick up a bowl, fill it with whatever you want. First you choose noodles or rice. Or both...add beansprouts if you want..then a mix of whatever vegetables. 
Move onto the spice and sauce section and there's a big board telling you how to make different flavours! 

You then reach the meat section and you pick a meat. They advise not to mix meats as they take different times to cook etc...

This is crocodile! My favourite!! I love crocodile, it's kinda like pork. These are the bowls before they were cooked. I didn't add much rice or noodles. 

You then take it to these guys, with your wee number disk, and once it's ready, someone brings it out to you. 

Voila...mine was the one with the most

This is a much fuller bowl :)

Enjoying his dinner ;)

The different meats you can choose from!

You can go up as many times as you like if you paid for unlimited. 

At the end of the meal you tell the waiter/waitress that you're finished and would like to order a sweet. The sweet is also included in the price. 
This is my orange and cinnamon creme brule! I love creme brule. Sadly, it didn't do the whole crack noise! Still tasty!

David had the White chocolate and almond cheesecake. 

So yes, end of the review, definitely worth a shot if you know you can eat a lot. It's worth going at least once in your life ;]! try some exotic meats! Mmm

Well, that's it :)


Overall 4/5 hearts

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