Solas at Cabarfeidh Review

I was invited to David's colleague's's 50th birthday bash which was located at the Cabarfeidh Hotel in Stornoway. You can find out information on their website I don't know the details of prices as I chose my courses before I went, and wasn't told by David the pricing. I think it was the early bird menu around £22. 
I work here from time to time, so know some of the dishes, they change the menus sometimes. They have a wide variety of food on the a la carte menu, at reasonable prices too. 
The staff were really friendly when I dined there. The food came pretty quickly. I found that the restaurant makes guests wait with a drink in the lobby, and then once the kitchen is ready to make the starters or finish the starters, we are brought in the room. This is a fabulous idea!! Makes you think that there is less waiting time before the food arrives at the table. 

Goats Cheese Tart, this was amazing. It was massive too! I love Goats cheese, I think they must have used the whole pack hahaha! Yum!

This is beef...I forget what it is! But it was so good! The beef was so soft. Under was mash potato I think. It looks small, but it was massive. I couldn't finish it. Maybe it was because I was surrounded by people I don't know ;]! Anyways, it was good, I wish there  were more veg! I love my veg!

This is the cheese cake. Again I forget what type. They change their menus anyways, currently they have a tiramasu cheese cake. Sadly that wasn't ice cream on the side!! I was gutted, it was cream. Bleuggggh! I'm not sure whether they thought it was ice cream?! And put it on the plate, because it did not go well with the cheese cake!

David had this...I assume it's like an eton mess but without the mess?! This was good also. Yum! 

It's a short review, but I want to give a review of most restaurants on the Isle before I leave. 

Please visit the Hebrides! It is such a lovely place to see! If you do, Solas is a good place to start your dining experiences here! 



Overall 5/5 hearts

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