Thai Cafe Restaurant Review

Sadly! I don't have any photo! 
I remember thinking, that it wasn't even worth photo's or even a review! I changed my mind on the review because even if it's a rubbish, I should still review the good and the bad points! 
The restaurant is supposedly good for thai! So we went and tried it out. It's located on 27 Church street, and you can visit their website here We had takeout before from here, and to be honest, it wasn't really that great. It didn't taste like thai...
The restaurant is small, and there's also a back room for private parties. We turned up to the restaurant, and had to walk to the counter to be seated. There were about 4 waitresses, and a few people in the kitchen. From the counter, the kitchen looked small. There was a fish tank in the corner of the restaurant and it had TOO many fish in the tank!!!! There was a huge fish, and you could see it swimming back and forth. So sad. 
Our drinks were ordered fast, but it took forever for them to arrive. We ordered our starters and mains. The starters came before our drinks! A good 20 minutes after ordering. We had the squid which was so rubbery. The crab claw things were processed, and from frozen. 
The mains were decent. 

Anyways, the service here was terrible. We never got asked if our food was okay. It took them ages to get our mains cleared, and they never asked if we wanted anything else...I told David not to go up to pay. I wanted to see how long it would take for them to come to us to ask if we needed anything. They didn't! A good 20 minutes after our mains were taken, and empty glasses were on the table. 
There were 4 waitresses, and they were talking to each other the whole time whilst we were there. In the end, we had to go up and ask for the bill. 

I wouldn't advise, but since it's the only thai on the have no choice. Maybe it was a one off night...I will go again before I judge on service and quality of food. 


Overall 1/4 hearts

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