The County Restaurant Review

The County is also a hotel! it is located in the centre of town, opposite the An Lantair at 12-14 Francis Street. Visit their website at I have been told that there is a great chef that works there who does fabulous curries. David and I actually ate here twice. The first time was just after lunch service. We were hungry in town, and there was nowhere to eat apart from here. It was ten minutes to 4...they close at 5 for lunch service to reset for dinner. The wonderful waitress let us come in for lunch, and I know it must have been annoying to them...sorry! I have no photos of the lunch, but it was good! We ordered a venison burger which came with chips and salad! And also a streak sandwich which came with chips and salad. It was MASSIVE. The plate was overflowing with chips! It was around £8 for the burger, £8 for the steak sandwich and we also had drinks. 

Another time, we arrived for dinner. It was just after the festive period, so they were still busy, and they only had one table which wasn't reserved. Luckily, we arrived in the nick of time, before the big tables arrived! 
We decided to go for a curry! 

I ordered the chilli chicken! Oh my, it was SO TASTY! I can't explain it! It was definitely one of the best I have had. David had the mixed grill tandori. It included lamb which was so soft. Usually when lamb has been dry cooked, it's just dry and horrible, but it was actually cooked well.  

I also ordered a latte, and thought it was funny how it was served...

Anyways, it was around £12ish-£15 for each main. rice was separate at around £2 and nan at around £2. Sorry I don't have the actual pricing!! But well worth a visit for their curry!! 

See Ya,


Overall 4/5 hearts

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