Trattoria Da Rafaello Restaurant Review

I'm doing a new thing, where I'm setting up links to restaurant reviews on the blog. 

This review is of a restaurant in Lanzarote, Puerto del Carmen. It's located just along the sea front, just to the right of Apartamentos Flamingo and Apartmentos Fayna. They have a website! I found dining in a foreign country a complete different experience than when dining in the UK. Everything is more relaxed. I think the restaurant is Italian...but most likely run my the Spanish. 

Trattoria Da Rafaello was great for me because there wasn't someone at the door way constantly trying to get you to try their restaurant. Which meant that they were busy enough as it is, and they don't need to encourage people to go in! Which to me is a good sign of a decent restaurant-and it was! I dined here twice during my stay. 

We were given bread on the table, which we ate. There was a herby butter to go with it. I wasn't sure if we were charged for the bread. But I assume that we were, probably 1 euro per roll. 

On the first night, I ordered the Bolognese. It was the cheapest on the menu at 5 euros. It was amazing. The portion size as you can see here is massive, and for 5 euro! Bargain! It was 6.50 on the main menu, but it was on the specials board as 5! I love bolognese, I saw it and craved it. 

On my second visit to this restaurant I had the pork, with an apple cider sauce. This was to die for!! the sauce was sweet but not too sweet. I found it strange having rice on the side as well as chips, but I wasn't complaining because I was starving! 

And to finish, a kiwi dessert. This was heaven! Honestly. It was so light. The kiwis on the island are much nice than the ones back here in the UK. They're juicier and sweeter. 

And at the end, they give you a shot of honey rum! I think this is free...! I assume it is, because they just hand it to you. Although I did get a lollypop until I said hey, "do I really look that young?"
Honey rum is yummy, especially when you lick your lips after the shot! 

If you're ever visiting Peurto del Carmen, I'd advise you to visit this little beauty! I thought it was the best restaurant out all the ones I went to! 



Overall 4/5 hearts

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