RIP Theodore! My wee blacked beak girl! 26.07.2013-07.02.2014

Yesterday was a sad day! I was volunteering at the school and my way home with David, this guy reversed back towards us and asked if we had ducks. Turns out it was our neighbor, he said "you now have one less". One of our ducks was squished by a car just after we left for school. Arrived home and there were feathers and blood on the road. Looked to see which it was and it was MY duck Theodore. I named her and she was my favourite. Yes a she...
I've never seen them wander to the road. They usually stay in our massive garden, but they must have just wanted to wander that day. 
This is the front garden, it's massive, and they pretty much stay here. There's a fence etc, but they can easily wander through the gate as we never close it. We've now penned them up in the pen we made, it's still pretty big. Two of them managed to fly over the fence this morning...obviously not wanting to be cooped up, but worried in case they all get squished...

These are the ducks at 8 weeks old, on the 13th September. Theo is there with her black beak! Princess Quakers is the left of her with her beak under her chin

These are the ducks at 12 weeks! They grew so quick!! Theo is there on the left with her black beak...Princess Quakers is the middle front one.

Theo and David at 8 weeks! Poor wee mite. Before I met her! 

Me with Theo at 12 weeks. She looks tiny here, but I visited when they were 12 weeks old. 

She only lived 6 months of her life. She was the one Harris the male chose know! 
Anyways, I know she's just a duck, but I grew pretty attached to her and the other ducks, they're just like any other pet. 

RIP Theodore 


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