Slug and Lettuce Edinburgh Review

Slug and Lettuce is a chain of restaurants in the UK. I went there on the 13th February with David. We wanted somewhere which had a decent, okay priced steak. Well, I wanted a steak. Frankie and Bennie's and The Filling Station had steaks but they were a whopping hefty price. Slug and Lettuce was an average price and probably just that bit better food! Lloyds bar (Weatherspoons) was opposite, but it was mega busy. 
We were hungry so ordered these two starters. Bread, houmous and  balsamic vinegar. This was okay, could have done with more bread sticks ;). But hey ho, I'm greedy. I don't have the prices, forgot to note them down! 

Breaded mushrooms. These were yummy! But all breaded mushrooms are in my opinion. The cress was a wee bit wilted. 

Medium rare steak! Oh I swear I'm going to eat blue steak soon...this was good! I think it was around £10 for this. about £3 cheaper than the other eateries. The chef did well to cook this to medium rare. 

David's "wee" chicken and ribs. The ribs were so soft! So definitely a bonus. David doesn't like chips so asked for extra salad.  

I ate a HOT mushroom. Didn't ask him to take this photo, he just did it. Thought it was funny to end with :)

Slug and Lettuce is a chain, but a pretty good one. They have various offers through the week. When we were there they had half price on all wines! I think on Monday's it's 30% off. Beer is pretty expensive here, especially as the same pint can cost half the price at Weatherspoons!

Overall 4/5 Hearts

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