Recently I've been volunteering at Tong School, due to no job and 0 hours at the hotel I'm employed at. Even if I was employed, I'd still volunteer at the school when I can. I've been doing mainly secretarial work and other odds and bob for the head teacher. I get quite a bit of interaction with the kids at the school though as they see me around. I'm still not sure how I should be around kids, i.e am I allowed to tell them off if they're standing inside instead of playing outside etc? Maybe after I send in my disclosure form! Just in case! 

I help out with the after sports club on Monday's for the P1-3's, those are 5-7 year olds. It's quite liberating volunteering at a school and having the kids call me "Miss Yuen". I'm still not sure whether I want to go into a teaching career though! I'm still a push over, and when I see a kid crying, my heart goes out to them...even if they are attention seeking like some kids! Must learn to be like stone!

Speaking about discipline, I had an experience during the after school club where a child pretended to hit me, he hit my chin but as a joke because I accidentally put my finger in his mouth as I caught him in a game. When the club finished the boy came up to me, and said you put your finger in my mouth when you caught me, I acknowledged and apologised to which he "punched" my chin. Was I allowed to tell him off? Instead I went up to the teacher who was taking the club and told him of the incident. Hard to decide when you're not their teacher!

I decorated a wall for the head teacher, it's supposed to be used for gaelic learning later on in the year I think. But right now there is a tree which I made. Pretty proud of it, also proud of it because a wee boy at the school who has special needs helped me stick the middle shimmery green apple onto the tree. The green leafy bit could be bigger like....but oh well hahaha, perfectionist.

Volunteering is a great experience! I volunteered before, for the Dove Marine laboratory as a teaching assistant for primary school kids and also for the Aberdeen Ocean Lab to process some photos they had. It's a great feeling to volunteer. I'd ideally would prefer to have a paid job on the side, but for now, this is excellent. 

Just a quick post really...

Miss Yuen ;]

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