Worst Date!

So, I randomly clicked on someone's blog over on twitter which was about her "worst date ever". Here's her link (http://www.layitbarelifestyle.com/2014/02/can-you-remember-your-worst-date.html). I thought it was pretty hilarious so I wanted to tell my own tale of my worst date ever! I've been on many dates, but only one of them stands out from the rest. This one date lead to a few years of awkward friendship! 

We shall call this guy person b. I met person b on twitter actually, via Illegal Jacks (a Tex-Mex eatery)! The company is big on social networking, person b was pretty into Illegal Jacks tweetups etc. Anyways, talking on twitter led to meeting up at Illegal Jacks as friends. A few months down the line person b asks me out on a "date" if you can call it that. He asked me via Facebook. 

Guess where we had the date. Illegal Jacks. I waited 10 minutes for him to arrive, and he came cycling along the road, all sweaty, with a helmet. A helmet is great, but not one with a MASSIVE camera on the front. Especially on a first date. 

We went inside, and ordered, I paid for my own, to his request. From the moment he arrived to the moment I left was awkward. Conversation lacked, and I sat eating my burrito for a whole 20 mins without talking. We left, and that was it. He got on his bike and rode off, he didn't even wait until the bus came. Just a bye then, and off he went. I then get a text saying how great the date was. I must have been at the wrong date! 

I got back to my flat after the date in 50 minutes. Shortest date ever as well as the worst date! My flat mates had gone out when I left, and they weren't even back yet! They got back an hour and a half later and I heard them say to each other "I wonder how Kelly is on her date" to which I popped my head out of the room and said it was awful...they laughed at how short it was. 

I honestly don't mind dates where I pay for myself, but I do mind if the date doesn't talk!

This weird date led to a few years of friendship but he ruined the friendship by asking to meet up for dinner, to catch up. He was in a relationship at the time, and we were only meeting as friends!! He chose McDonalds...! Anyways, during the time at McDonalds he was constantly on his phone. Apparently an iphone has a tracker thing. He kept saying, good she hasn't moved...turns out he had his girlfriend wait in a cafe until he was finished! Weird! She didn't even know! 

During the meetup he kept saying how annoying I was, and some other mean things, so I just said "why are we even friends". He was taken aback when I asked. I hopped on my bus and I get a text saying sorry, I didn't mean it. Well that friendship is over and I'm pretty sure this was the worst date and the worst friendship! Haha! 

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