Beyond Dark, dark chocolate drops review

I bought this 35g bag of Beyond Dark chocolate drops from Holland and Barrett's online shop for 0.99p! They are currently on offer where you can buy two bags for £1.48. 
I wanted to buy these because I am on a "diet" and wanted a healthier chocolate fix to cure cravings. I know I can't eat too much dark chocolate, so thought these would be great for that. 
Sadly, they are highly morish! Which is fantastic for the company, i.e I'll be buying more! 
There's quite a lot of chocolate in this small 35g bag! 
The chocolate drops have a shiny coating as can be seen in the photo. 
They don't have a strong dark chocolate taste like most dark chocolates. It's only 70% dark chocolate, but nevertheless, the bitterness is quite nice. It's sweetened with sugar and vanilla according to the ingredients. 
I literally ate a whole bag of these in one sitting, it was supposed to last three nights. 

I would definitely recommend this product to chocolate lovers! It's much better for you than a galaxy bar! I think there was an article somewhere about how dark chocolate is good for you :)! 

I give this product a 5/5 for taste and price! I loved these so much that I'll be stocking up my cupboards with them! I'll also bake some "healthy" treats, maybe oat and dark chocolate chip cookies! 
If you get round to going to a Holland and Barrett's shop or visit the online one, do pick up a bag of these to try for yourself! 


  1. Nom nom nom!!! Cheap as chips too (though far healthier than chips). Not a fan of dark chocolate myself though unless it has mint with it or chilli.

    1. These didn't taste much like Dark Chocolate, maybe because they were small :D!


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