Bibimbap Recipe

Sorry about the ridiculous quality of photo! I must invest in a decent camera-although I could just borrow Davids :)! 
This in the bowl is called Bibimbap 비빔밥. Sadly I only have these ugly looking bowls. They usually get served in a shallower, larger bowl like this:
Taken from
You usually can see the veggies clearer. Basically this dish is rice, layered with shredded vegetables and gochujang paste, which is a Korean chilli paste. Normally it's served with an egg. And it can come meat free or you can ask for meat. 

This version had bacon because it was left in the fridge. I also made one with mince meat. The mince meat was marinated in soy sauce, sesame oil and sugar.

For the chilli paste, I used two tablespoons of the paste, mixed with a table spoon of soy sauce, tea spoon of sesame oil and a table spoon of sugar. The paste can be bought from any asian supermarket for around £2-3.

Any shredded veggies: 
Carrots, cucumber, beansprouts, bak choi, mushrooms..etc
an egg
150g Mince meat (marinated in a tbsp soy sauce, sugar, tsp seseame oil)
Sesame seeds
For the paste: 
2 tbsp gochujang paste 
tbsp soy sauce
tbsp sugar
tsp sesame oil

1. Cook your rice! Any type of rice will do, I used long grain white rice
2. Grate your veggies, carrots grated very fine
3. Cook your veggies, i.e the bean sprouts, mushrooms. Carrots can be mixed in raw. 
4. Layer the veggies, in any order you want, it looks nicer if you have all the same veggies in one section.
5. Fry the egg sunny side up (runny yolk!!) and place on top of the veggies
6. Add the paste you made to the side of the egg
6. Serve! 

When you eat this, you mix all the ingredients together in the bowl, and it becomes a big mushy tasty cheap mess! 

I hope you get to try this! It's sooo tasty! 


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