Blogging-Likes, Hates, Why?

Hello! I thought that I'd write a wee blogpost on blogging, such as my favourite blogs I like to read, why I love blogging...etc! I've seen so many new blogs created over on twitter, I can't keep up with a lot of them. 
Usually if I see a blog that catches my eye, I revisit often such as the lovely blog Satchels and Pearls.
I don't tend to read a lot of beauty blogs, fashion blogs etc because they seem to...bore me. 
But this blog is one of my favourites which I tend to visit often. The posts aren't too difficult to read, and there's plenty of pictures.
A lot of blogs I tend to not go back to are ones where people review a product after a day of trying them! Also bloggers who "review" multiple products in one post and they only write "I didn't like this because it was too fragrant" and leave it as that. 

I have a few other favourites, and they tend to revolve around food! Such as Vegan Crunk and McGillis Kitchen

My reason for blogging is originally to keep my family and friends up to date, especially those who I don't see often like my Aunty AK who lived over in Singapore. I hardly see them and they hardly see me, I think the last time was 4/5 years ago!
I have no idea why this photo made us look yellower than we are...! Anyways, that's me holding Ollie, excuse my hair, my AK on right. 

I tend to post summaries of my life, usually about once per month. But as there is nothing to do here in Stornoway, I've stopped posting regular updates of my life, as all I do is stay at home or work! Therefore have found other ways to occupy my blog space. 

As you can see, I blog a lot about food. Usually restaurant reviews! Most of them which are in Edinburgh. There's plenty of eateries in Edinburgh hence all the reviews. But there's a lack in Stornoway! I've been to almost every restaurant here, and don't feel the need to post second reviews of the same place. Unless they were rubbish the second time round of course!

I'd love to review beauty products, but I don't have the money to be buying new products often, and I don't tend to do much with my beauty routine! (I wish I did, but I am awful when it comes to things like makeup). Wack on eyeliner and a wee bit of foundations and voila.
Recently, I tried out a beauty post on Lush products. I only did this because I was given Lush products for Christmas. I'm not sure whether I will do another review like this again! Maybe if I find something I really like (which is rare). 

I love blogging because I like my family knowing what I'm doing since I can't see them often. I also love writing! However, I find that my grammar and spelling are decreasing with age. I graduated in November 2013, and since then I'm turning into those people which grammar nazi's hate! Woops! 

That's it for now anyways, I tend to blog rubbish sometimes!


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