Choc Shot Review

I recently discovered this item, a liquid style hot chocolate mix. Apparently it is much better than hot chocolate, as it is a liquid and not a powder. You can pick this up at Tesco for around £3.59. It's rather expensive but a little really does go a long way! 

This product is also very popular with Slimming World folks! Apparently it's 1 syn per tsp. 1 tsp doesn't seem a lot, but a little of this goes a long long way. 

You don't even need to use it as a hot chocolate either. It goes well as a sauce for ice cream, porridge, fruit. It's very versatile. It also cures those chocolate pangs when drizzled over your favourite snack. 

I used this product as a hot chocolate! I bought this product because I can't make hot chocolate with the powders, no matter how I make it, there's always lumps of unmixed powder. It doesn't keep very long though, I bought it and the expiry date is for this year. Usually with items like this, expiry dates are a couple of years in the future. 

To make the hot chocolate, you need at least 4 tablespoons, which the bottle suggests. At 14 calories per teaspoons, this comes to 112 calories for the chocolate alone! You need to mix it into hot milk, so about 200ml of milk on top it probably goes to around 160 calories. 
For those who are on a diet, I honestly don't think this is worth it, for 160 calories a cup. I'd rather go with an Cadbury's options which is much less calories, even if they do form lumps (maybe I just make hot chocolate weirdly). 

The taste is pretty good, there's a strong chocolate taste, however it does get quite sweet and sickly after a while. I've yet to try this product as a sauce! It'd work well for making a mocha. The consistency is similar to the hot chocolate syrup at Starbucks! 

Overall, I rate this a 2/5 for price and for taste. Price wise, it's the same price as a large tub of hot chocolate, but the taste is rather sickly in my opinion. It's also a lot higher in calories too. I wouldn't buy this product again, it'll probably stay in the cupboard until I need to throw it out (or my boyfriend will eat it all!) 


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