Dr Pepper-More than Mesquite Marinade review

I was lucky enough to have this product sent to me by a friend in America called Jeff. His twitter is here! America has a lot of cool wacky products which we don't have here in the UK. A lot of the items that are sold over here are double, even triple the price, which is such a shame. I was excited to hear about the Dr Pepper marinade! Over here in the UK we have Budweiser marinade and Jack Daniels marinade...both don't seem as appealing as Dr pepper! 
So this is the bottle. It looks pretty appetising already! Dr Pepper collaborated with Vita Foods to produce this product. You can use this marinade on whatever meat you like, I chose chicken drumsticks! It's supposed to be great on a BBQ too! 
For my recipe, I used the whole bottle, I like my BBQ chicken to be very saucy and sticky. I didn't have to add any other ingredient to the marinade, like other marinades such as the ones by Heinz.

As you can see in the photo above, the sauce is slightly thick, and it's rather silky. I dipped my finger in the sauce before pouring over the meat, it had a rather savoury BBQ flavour. I couldn't smell the Dr Pepper or even taste it though!! 

BBQ chicken drumsticks takes around 45 mins to cook. I placed marinated drumsticks one by one into an oven tray lined with tin foil, and tipped half of the sauce over them. I cooked them for around 30 minutes before spooning on more sauce and turning them. For the last 10 minutes, I spooned on the rest of the sauce. By the end, they were very sticky, and there was a lot of sauce left over! I think I could have used half the bottle and had enough for another night of BBQ flavoured meat! 

I served mine with new potatoes and a lot of vegetables. David had his with rice and peas. 

After cooking, you couldn't smell the Dr Pepper in the sauce, the sauce smelled like regular BBQ sauce. It didn't taste much of Dr Pepper until you ate a big mouthful of the marinade! It had a very sweet taste, and very moreish! I pretty much ate the left over marinade with a tablespoon...

You can buy this bottle of Dr Pepper BBQ marinade for around $5.99 in America. I did a little search and Amazon sells it for just over £5, £10.33 for two bottles! It's also sold for £4.50 on American Sweets. In my opinion pretty cheap for an American product! 

Overall, I rate this 4/5 stars! 


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    1. Thank you for sending me it to try!

  2. This article drew me to your blog. Not something I'd personally use, but sounds interesting! I like hearing about new food products I haven't tried :)

    1. Thank you for the nice comment and for reading my blog post!!


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