Duckie update!

Hey Hey!
Some good news! The ducks we've been keeping have finally laid an egg!!! 
They're about the right age for them to lay, and it's pretty awesome. 

We used to have them mega free ranged, where they can wander out of our garden, onto the road and the near by fields, however we won't have eggs then as they'll most likely lay elsewhere. So we penned them into quite a big enclosure. 

We also have a male duck which we were going to let loose, but since we've penned them in, and will take away eggs everyday, it'll be fine to have him in there. We don't want any chicks, since we're leaving in July. 

Only one of them laid an egg, I think it was this wee lassie Lewis: 

The other female we have Princess Quackers still has a wee bump on her backside, and I assume is an egg. Hopefully she'll lay tomorrow! 
I love my duckies :) They make me really happy :]


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