Eleven at the Caladh Inn Review

Hello! Time for another restaurant review, I don't get to do many of these anymore, as there is a lack of restaurants that I've not been to here in Stornoway. Also, I'm pretty much skint to be eating out all the time. So yesterday on the 7th March, David and I decided to visit a restaurant called Eleven which is located at the Caladh Inn, 11 James Street in Stornoway. We could go until after 8pm due to David's rugby training so I messaged them on Facebook the day before to ask if there were available seats for two, and whether it would be okay to visit at 8.15. Usually in restaurants on the island, it's best to phone up and ask if there are available seats, sometimes they may be mega busy.
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There are various prices at the restaurant so it can be quite confusing! At lunch time, you can have one course (£8.50) or two courses (£10.75). At dinner time you can choose the buffet or from the a la carte menu. There is also an early bird time which is Mon-Saturday 5-7pm, with a fixed price for two courses at £13.50. Or after 7pm which is one course for £13 or two for around £16. Prices on a Sunday are more expensive at around £14.95 for two course and £18.95 for three courses. 

To me this all seems confusing! It was confusing when I read it online. Basically. For two courses, it includes a starter, i.e soup or salad. And then a main course (which you can go up as many times as you want). The problem is, the soup station is next to the buffet, and so is the salad station, so if you don't know what's going on you'll be charged two courses instead of the main buffet. 

Once we were seated, the waitress asked if we have eaten there before. Our response was no. She didn't give a detailed response back sadly. All she said was "You can choose from this a la carte menu here, or you can go up to the buffet" then asked for drinks. David and I played it safe and just ate at the hot buffet station. 

There is usually a choice of two roasts, and it was chicken or lamb. I'm a sucker for lamb so went for lamb. There was a bunch of things to choose from in the buffet section too, from chicken in a white sauce, bbq pork belly, fish, and lamb shanks! I was surprised to see the lamb shanks! 

Veggies included carrots, two types of potatoes, mashed swede?, cauliflower and cheese. 

This was the salad section, and desert section. I think it's extra for these! Around £2 more I think! It does say that you can take a large salad for a main if you don't want the hot food. However not sure if it's also a buffet? 

I had the lamb at first. With lots of mint sauce mm! The roasties were massive, and surprisingly good. Usually roasties at these type of places are really dry, but they were fine. Carrots, cabbage and swede! Really good food! Also added a pork belly onto the plate, which was awesome.

I went back up for seconds, and took the lamb shank. Oh it fell off the bone and tasted fantastic. I'm a sucker for potatoes hence more potatoes! David doesn't eat potatoes, so I never eat them at home, so it was a nice wee treat :)! 

I think it would make things simpler if it was all explained on the menu, better yet, include it all in a set price! I.e £13.50 including salads, soups and desserts like buffets do on the mainland. I've been to great buffets on the mainland, which included things like sushi, desserts, soups, salads, pizza etc all for around £13-£14! Some for £8-9! 

Soft drinks were around £1.25-£1.55 depending on if you wanted a can or postmix pepsi, which is awesome for a buffet! Most mainland buffets charge £2.50 for a can of coke! I was charged that amount at a Korean restaurant for a wee glass tumbler! 

This is the view of the restaurant. It's pretty spacious! 

Overall, the food was great. But should be explained clearer. Maybe include all the other bits and bobs like soup and dessert. 

Overall I give this place 4/5 hearts! 

It's the only buffet in town, sooo I will definitely be going again, if I fancy a roast, maybe next time during the early bird time. 

'Till next time, 


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