Flavourly Box! What's inside March's Box?


I recently signed up to the Flavourly Box! It's a monthly box, and each month you get a variety of food products. It is a flexible membership, at £15 a month, or for your first box, you can get £5 off, which is what I used for my first box here. The discount applies once you reach the checkout. I think, everyone who signs up for the box gets the same items as each other. 
You sign up within the month, and they dispatch your order within 3-4 days. It took 4 days for mine to arrive, but that's because I live in the Outer Hebrides. 

So what's inside the March box? 

As soon as you open the box, you are greeted with a pamphlet explaining about Flavourly. It also contains information about each product that appears in the box. 
Amongst this pamphlet, there is a recipe card to make Malay Laksa. I'd post a photo of the recipe, but I think you should get your own box to find out :)! Or wait for my future blog post :)! 

So here it is! This was the contents of my first Flavourly box! Of course, the ingredients together is not worth the £15 price. But it's the novelty of trying out different products that you would never buy off the shelves of a store. I was so excited when I opened the box, I thought the wee seasoning kits were great, so all you need to do is buy the veggies and meat, etc. 

The Malay Laksa kit contains three wee pots of ingredients. You make your own "soup" using these ingredients and add things like prawns and noodles into the mixture. Malay Laksa is spicy noodle soup! I love the presentation of the little pots, as well as the design of the box itself! 

The second meal kit that came in the box is the thai red curry kit! I didn't get a recipe card for this...I'm not so sure how to make this! An individual review of all products will be posted once I have attempted to "make" them or try them. 
Again, the presentation is good, you can see all the herbs through the packaging, which makes it more appealing. I'm glad it's a Thai red curry kit I got, rather than a green one (I don't like green Thai curry!).

Sweet potato crisps! I love sweet potato, and having it in crisp form is a fantastic idea. They state that it's gluten free, but I'm pretty sure a lot of crisps are anyways? Again, the design is great and simple! 

This wee product caught my eye out of the whole box! Bacon an maple syrup popcorn! I hope that the taste is going to live up to my thoughts! 

I've seen these little packs of olives in the supermarket, but never thought of buying them. I love olives, but usually buy the cheap Tesco olives. These are too expensive for what you get. However, if they turn out to be great, I'd definitely consider buying them! 

The last item in the box are the air dried apple crisps! I've never heard of fruit "crisps" before. I've had dried apples and bananas, but never in a crisp form. I'm not sure what to think of these from the packaging, I love the apple image! Again it's really simple, and kind of reminds me of "crispy-ness". I hope they aren't going to be spongy like dried apples from a health store! 

Of course, I will do individual reviews of each item once I try them out! So keep a look out for a new post about one of these products! 

I recommend that you try this box out, even if it's only for a month. You get a fiver off for your first box using this link here, which is pretty good! 
The presentation of the entire box is great, i.e it's all placed on a wee bit of hay. Kind of reminds you of a farm, or a farmers market! 

I really hope you try this box out, if not this month, next month with different products! 

For now, 


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