Graze Box Review

Here comes another foodie review! I'm aware Graze boxes have been around for a while, but I've never tried them. I've been reluctant to try it due to the price of the box, and wasn't sure if I'd like the items they send. Graze box offers a one time deal where you get your first box free, so I thought I'd give it a go. 
You can check it out for yourself here: 

There's a lot of stuff on the website that I will not like, and wouldn't buy for myself such as nuts and pumpkin seeds. But the website allows you to "bin" certain food you don't like, and they also have an option to send ones you do like as soon as they can! 

I'm only working part time, so can't afford to get boxes every week and for people like me, they have options where you can get a box delivered fortnightly. You can also push your deliveries back, which is pretty good! 

So, when I tried this out the first box was free, but you have to enter your bank details! Further boxes are £3.89 including postage! Currently their deal is 1/2 price for the first box! I assume they change the deals often. 

I love the packaging! As you can see it's simple, but cool. They also made it so they fit in letter boxes!  It's all recyclable too. They also included a personalised leaflet telling me what's in my box, and the nutritional information. Also codes for friends, etc. 

Each box comes with 4 punnets. If you haven't rated any of the items, them they will randomise each box! So you don't have to chose each week. Or, you can "bin" a lot of items like I did, and click on the "try" button. 
I was lucky to have the ones I wanted sent :)! I must have "binned" 1/3 of the list! They also tell you when you've "binned" a lot too! As you can see, it's nicely presented! 
I was sent the toffee apple. If the calories are under 100, they note it on the box, i.e this is 70 calories

You don't get much in a punnet. The punnet consists of dried apple. By it self they are chewy, and rather foamy! I didn't like the taste of these, even with the toffee sauce. I rate these 2/5, however my boyfriend chowed these down, and rated them 4/5. 

The next punnet we tried were the Korean chilli crackers. I love these type of crackers. It's such a small box though
As you can see there's only a handful in the punnet. You can buy a big bag of these type of crackers from Holland and Barrats for around £2. There was a very fragrant smell as soon as I opened these. They have a crunchy texture, and a big chilli punch! They burnt my mouth from just one bite. I love spice so it didn't bother me. I loved these, shame the punnet wasn't bigger. I rate these 5/5. My boyfriend loved these also and rates them 5/5. 

These caught my eye on the website, so I checked the box for them to send me these as soon as they could. These are applewood smoked beef jerky with a slow cooked tomato relish. 
As you can see the depth of these punnets are shallow, there wasn't much jerky in the punnet. Taste wise, they taste of nothing without relish. But with the relish, wow, they tasted amazing, it really brought out the flavour of the meat too. I rate this 5/5 with the relish, my boyfriend also agrees. 

Lastly, the last punnet were the moroccan harissa olives. They look great in the box, it's quite nice to have something "fresh" amongst the dried foods. 
You get quite a few olives in this punnet. It's covered in a lot of oil. They also sent a wee toothpick and napkin which is a nice touch! Sadly, taste wise these were AWFUL! From the moment we bit into the olives, they were disgusting and bitter. We actually only ate two each and left the rest. This is a wee bit unusual for us as we love olives! We also never leave things uneaten, but these were inedible. Sadly we couldn't even rate it, it's not even worth a 1/5! 

The Graze box is a nice wee novelty! But it is rather expensive at £3.89 per box. BUT it's good as you can push back deliveries and you can have them fortnightly instead of weekly. They aren't worth the price, as you can get bigger bags of the same products in health food shops. 
It's worth it if you get products that you "love"...however there is always a risk you won't like it. 

I decided to cancel my future boxes for now! Until I start getting a few more hours at work. But if I were to sign up again, I would definitely bin more than half of the products on the site (I really don't like seeds, and think it's not worth it)...I would also have a box fortnightly. 

Sadly, the cancellation process was rather bleak. You can't actually cancel, I'm guessing you could if you searched the FAQ section. There's no easy "button" to click to cancel, instead you have to cancel your next deliveries and remove your card. 
Sadly, mine didn't allow me and it kept saying I had an outstanding delivery. I had to email their customer service team, and they were very fast at replying which I applaud them for! 

Overall, this box is a novelty, and I think it will wear off after a few weeks of getting the boxes...

Worth sampling the free box/1/2price box though! 


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