HS-1 Sunday Menu Review!

I'm pretty sure I wrote two reviews on the cafe/restaurant HS1 in Stornoway. I did state I would never revisit, but I guess you can't judge a place with one visit! I love writing reviews, and believe that new reviews should be written if you received better service than before, when they change menus, etc. Your experience is different everytime you revisit a place. 
HS-1 is a nice wee non formal restaurant/cafe/bar! It's right next to another restaurant called The Boatshead (not tried yet) and owned by the same company "Cala Hotels". They are open on a Sunday! Which is awesome for being in Stornoway. There's only a few places open on a Sunday up here! 

Check out their Facebook and website! 11 James Street, Stornoway.
Be careful, they stop serving food between 4pm-5pm. This is to allow chefs and waitresses to set up for dinner! It's very reasonable as they are open both lunch and dinner.

Dinner ranges from £10-£15 for a main course, on their main menu. However, David and I went for the set menu which they have all day on Sundays. You pick from two courses at £15 or three courses at £18. 
To start, David and I had the mussels. I am a huge fan of mussels! I didn't fancy any of the other starters. These mussels are described as from Leurbost, which means that they were caught locally! GREAT! I love knowing where my shellfish comes from. After studying toxicology in my marine degrees, I'm a wee bit wary, so it's great to know! 
These came as a massive portion! I wasn't expecting them to be this big as they were a starter, which is amazing. The mussels were cooked well, in a white wine and cream sauce. Tasted fantastic! David agreed, and wolfed his down. 
David took a cheeky action shot of me eating...not very flattering! But as you can see, empty plates, and I was eating the sauce! 

For the main course, I chose slow cooked pork belly, with pork rillions and ruby port jus. I had no idea what pork rillions were, and I still don't! Google says it's slow cooked pork belly. I assume the rillions on this dish is the crackling?

As you can see here, the portion size is massive! I love when restaurants do enormous portion sizes. A lot of restaurants charge a lot of a tiny morsel. I like to feel mega full after a meal. Well done HS1! I love my gravy overflowing like this too, lots of gravy beats too little gravy.
The jus was sweet, which accompanied the pork and potatoes really well. I loved it so much with the potatoes that I ate all the potatoes first and couldn't finish the pork! David finished the rest of my plate :)

David ordered the lamb shank rogan josh. 
I tried a wee bit of this, and it was delicious. The meat fell straight off the bone, and it was very succulent! David enjoyed this, and kept complimenting it during the whole time eating. 

We were full in the end and didn't want to go for the full whammy. However, as we were leaving we spotted the ice cream freezer. The waitress (pink hair) was lovely, and helped us choose a flavour. We couldn't decided between turkish delight or marshmallow, so got a scoop of each for I think £2.90. 

The ice cream was so soft and fluffy! I think these are homemade in the restaurant. They posted an ice cream post and one comment said that they are in the middle of making a Kinder bueno ice cream! 

The service was fantastic the whole time. We were asked if we were okay on drinks regularly. The waitress asked if everything was good with our meals for each course! I only rated this place 3/5 last time, but this time I rate it 5/5. 

The two courses were amazing, price was fantastic! £15 for a big bowl of mussels and a big portion of pork/lamb shank! I highly recommend this place, it's somewhere I will be visiting again for Sunday dinner, as it's one of my favourite, if not my favourite place to eat in town at the moment. It's very casual and you can go in for a cup of tea/coffee and cake. They make homemade cakes too! Very different from my first review of the place!! 

'til next time


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