I'm a massive fan of Korean food, and one of the dishes I really enjoy is kimbap or Gimbap (김밥). It's similar to sushi, however not as fancy,. In Korea they usually have these on street stalls, and they're really cheap, around 50p. Over here it's around £8 for a roll (cut into around 6-8 pieces). They're also a picnic type food item over there. I think they're similar to the Japanese Futomaki. 

I've never made this before, or any form of sushi! One thing which I knew wasn't going to be the same was the rice. I only had long grained rice. The stores in Stornoway don't stock any sushi rice, or any other world food item! I had to get the nori seaweed wraps from the mainland, well David did when he was over there. 
Usually Japanese sushi has that vinegary sweet taste also, and the kimbap that I tried has the same taste. It was difficult to make the same, I assume they used mirin, a Japanese rice wine.

It's very common to find the Korean radish pickle "Danmuji" in the rolls, but I didn't have any. I miss living close to an Asian supermarket! What's worse is, I didn't even have soysauce! Totally forgot to add it to my shopping list. You can basically put anything in them! I'll list what I put in, and also other items you might want to try in bold :)!

500g cups of rice (Any will do, but it works best with sticky rice like sushi rice!)
Nori seaweed wraps 
Bamboo sushi mat or tin foil
1/2 tsp sugar
1tsp salt
1tbsp vinegar
Cheese (cut into small sticks)
canned tuna (drained)
carrot (sliced into match sticks)
cucumber (Sliced into sticks)
2 Eggs (made into an omelette and sliced into strips)
Other ingredients you can add: Crab Sticks, Avocado, Kimchi, Luncheon meat...literally anything you fancy! 

1. Cook the rice an hour in advance and leave to cool
2. Mix together the sugar, vinegar and salt until everything has dissolved, stir this into the slightly cooled rice. (Or use Mirin!)
3. Lay a piece of the nori onto a bamboo rolling mat or onto a piece of tin foil
4. Wet your hands (This stops the rice from sticking too much to you)! 
5. Spread out some rice so that it covers 3/4 of the wrap
6. Lay out your fillings into the middle of the rice 
7. Roll up the sushi! 
It was the first time for me rolling. You really want to get it as TIGHT as possible without squishing the roll. Also, if you use long grain rice, it won't stick together as much as the short grain sushi rice! 
I kinda of rolled the bottom part first over the fillings, and then slowly moved the mat up.
It wasn't bad for my first go at making kimbap! 
Next time I'm going to order in some sushi rice, or find some substitute! 

Thanks for reading,


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