Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetic Review

Hello bloggers! 
I'm starting something new by reviewing beauty products. I'm mostly in the house due to only having a couple of shifts per week, so it gives me something to do. I also enjoy reviewing-I review everything. 
 I'm one for reviewing products after a month or so trying them. My pet hate are bloggers who only blog because they get sent free products, write reviews after trying a product only once! Also one's who don't really "review" a product. I'm on a really low budget, which means I can't review products all the time. 

Today I am going to review a few products that I received as a Christmas present from Lush. I'm pretty sure everyone know's what Lush is as it is worldwide! But for those who don't, it's a cosmetic shop which sells handmade products. I assume most of it is handmade, some are made in the shop itself. 

Bubble Bars
The first product from Lush I am reviewing is one of the Lush bubble bars. I've never heard of these before! I don't tend to shop in Lush due to price. I wasn't sure how they're supposed to work, I assumed like a bath bomb. 
This is the Karma bubble bar, this is described to have a "signature exotic orange and patchouli fragrance". The smell to me was a bit over powering. Kind of like walking into the perfume section of a department store, and getting that horrible head rush from all the fragrances. The smell subsided as time increased, possibly due to my nose adapting to the smell. This is sold at £3.25 per bar! Hefty for just one bath!
These bubble bars are described to have "a mountain of foam". Sadly this didn't. I'm not sure whether it's to do with my running tap? But other bubble baths work a lot better than this one. 
It might have been my own fault, as I didn't crumble the bar into the water...I will try again next time to see if it's due to not crumbling. 
The bubble bar turned my bath water orange. I liked this, although there wasn't much bubbles, it was nice seeing an orange tinge to the water. I hate a bath with no bubbles or colour! 
The bar also changed the consistency of the water, very strange, but nice. It made the skin silky to the touch, kinda of like a soapy feeling. Once I got out the bath and dried off, I had hop in the shower to rinse off that soapy feeling which wasn't ideal. 
Overall, I'm not sure I whether this would be worth the purchase considering the lack of bubbles and the price! 

3/5 hearts for the product and price. 

Hand Cream

I was given a wee sample of the helping hands cream. In my opinion, a sample like this is hard to review. Especially due to the lack of quantity and time to give the product to work. However, this hand cream was fantastic from the moment I used it. There's not a strong smell like some other hand creams which was a nice change. The cream also rubbed into the hands well, i.e no mess with being to turn door knobs! A little also goes a long way! I used the whole tin in about a week which is great for a sample. I can definitely say I will be purchasing a full sized product! For 100g it's £7.50, also pretty expensive for hand cream, but I believe this works well on dry chapped hands! Since I've finished the tin, my hands aren't as smooth. 
4/5 hearts for product and price

Body Conditioner
I also got to test out this Ro's Argan Body Conditioner. The cream itself smells like cocoa butter, and the smell lingers on the skin. I got wafts of it for hours after I put it on. I didn't like this condition much, compared to other body butters, this one didn't sink into the skin. It left my skin really sticky. It's around £15.95 for a 225g tub! Again, it's too expensive for body butter! 

2/5 for product and price. 

Lush is a one of novelty shop in my opinion, unless someone buys these products as a gift, I don't think I will purchase any of my own due to the price. In my own opinion, I don't think that these products are worth the price at all, compared to other leading brands. You can get cheaper products that do the same job, and work just as well. It's a nice novelty having edible looking bath products though! 

That's it for this review. Hopefully I'll be able to post more cosmetic reviews in future, I quite enjoyed writing this one. 

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