Plamil no added sugar, dairy free, mint flavoured chocolate

I had a little browse through the Holland and Barratt's online shop and was so pleased that they offered free delivery in the UK! You all probably know that if you buy things online they usually charge prices like £4.95. I came across a chocolate bar which is dairy free, also has no added sugar and tasted of mint. Excellent! I wanted to give it a try to see if it's worth ditching a Galaxy bar for. It's £1.15 for a 45g bar or £2.29 for a 100g bar!

Plamil specialises in a lot of dairy free products, egg free products and vegan products! Check out their website here. This chocolate bar is vegan friendly and it is also completely nut free! 
This product is sweetened with Xylitol, a component which is usually found in sugar free chewing gum. Therefore you shouldn't consume too many bars ;], as they can cause laxative effects (Yuk!). 
A 45g bar (pictured) has 0.9g of sugar. Now this is significantly low compared to a 45g bar of plain chocolate. Tesco's plain chocolate has around 30g of sugar in 51g. 

As you can see I may have dropped the bar before opening, oops! There's a pretty pattern which makes the chocolate look a bit more appetising! The bar is dark in colour, which resembles dark chocolate. Once it was opened, there was a strong smell of mint, which was very pleasing. 

Now the taste test! It doesn't have a strong taste of mint, like with lets say Aero, but it is very pleasant, as in it is not overpowering. There is a bitter taste, similar to dark chocolate. The xylitol doesn't over sweeten the flavour. The bar also has a rather pastey texture which I found to be strange! It doesn't melt as good in the mouth like other leading brands of chocolate. 
I found that the chocolate isn't "moreish" which is good for those who just want that little sweet fix! It would be a great accompaniment with coffee or straight after dinner, like an after dinner mint. There is a terrible after taste, just like when you eat dark chocolate. It's kind of bitter on the tongue. 

Overall, this chocolate bar did hit the sweet spot. I only had two squares. It is a great alternative for those who are diary intolerant and also sugar intolerant! 

I give this product 3/5. 


  1. I have to say, it isn't a product that appealed to me as much as some of your other blogs. I think I will give it a miss haha :)


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