Flavourly. What's inside April's Box?

 So, it's that time of the month again! I came home from work to a little green box, containing this month's Flavourly goodies! I was extremely excited :)! I love food, and already seen what was to come in this month's box from other bloggers. 

As soon as I opened the box, I was greeted with Joe and Seph's Gin and Tonic popcorn! I heard about this brand whilst watching QVC one night, must have been Christmas time. They had so many different flavours, but wasn't sure about getting them as a lot of popcorn can be a bit bland. 

Along with the popcorn I got these: 

Quibbles! A bag of honey nuts. Love the packaging, it's fun, and bold! You can also see what you'll be eating before you buy it.

This looks like an awesome product. Fruitbroo! It's a liquid "sauce" that you put into hot water. Kind of like a fruity tea. Hopefully this will be nice, I'm not a fan of fruity teas as they don't taste like the smell. 

ilumi Kerala curry sauce, it is made in County Durham, not far from my birth city! Excited to try this out! 

Clearly Scrumptious apple wedges. Lovely packaging again, nice and simple!  

Mini bibs, cheddar cheese straws, made in Yorkshire! 

Belinda Clark coconut Marshmallow. Yum, you can see the marshmallow in between the packaging and they look delightful! Pretty big chunks of Marshmallow!

Umami Paste! I've heard about the 5th taste before, but never heard of a paste which activates the flavour! Amazing. Umami flavours occur in Asian food :). I think soy sauce is one!

I am absolutely delighted with April's Flavourly box! I paid full price £15 for this box, and I must say it is well worth it. Each product is full size (I think, you can get different sized Joe and Steph's popcorn on their website, the one I received was 30g). 

I would definitely consider getting May's box! I love how everyone receives the same box. Unlike other boxes where each box varies per person. This box is exactly the same for everyone that purchases it. It does mean spoilers from people who receive theirs at the start of the month. 

It would be nice for Flavourly to add to their website about past boxes, i.e past items. It might encourage more subscriptions if people can see what was on offer in previous months. 

I can't wait for May's box!!!

Full reviews will be given for each product once I have tried and tested them :)! 

Keep a look out! 

'till next time,


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