Beyond Dark: Hints of raspberry review

After my raving review for the Beyond Dark chocolate chips, I was sent a pack of these in my Flavourly Box! 

I was so happy to see these in the box as the original ones were fantastic. This pack is 35g, and can be bought in the Beyond Dark online shop. I'm not sure where you can buy these as single packs! The online shops sells these in packs of 12 for £10. Therefore, each pack is around 0.83p. 

First of all, you get a lot of drops in each bag! There is a small hint of raspberry, not too small to not taste it. The dark chocolate isn't too overpowering either. I know how disgusting and bitter some 70% dark chocolate can be, but these are actually more-ish! 
They look shiny, and also not all the same size. 

 I loved it! I even decided to use it to make mini chocolate croissants. 
I used Jus Rol filo pastry! I'm aware you can get a croissant version, but my Tesco's doesn't stock them. First of all, I rolled a sheet a bit flatter than it comes. I cut each sheet into triangles as shown, and placed 4 chocolate drops along the widest part of the triangle. 

I then rolled from the widest part! 

And then shaped it into an arch, coated it with a tiny layer of egg and baked until it looked done (golden coloured)

When baked they came out like this, mini croissants with Beyond Dark: Hint of Raspberry chocolate drops! 

Next time I'm going to add around 8 drops, there wasn't enough with just 4! 

Overall I rate this product a 4/5. I would love to try the orange flavoured chocolate drops! I hope I'll be able to find a single pack in a shop one day, don't fancy buying 12 packs! 


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