Burton's Fish and Chips, Salt and Vinegar Flavour Review

Do you remember these from back in the day? Well, I think they have just made a come back! Or maybe I never noticed. I saw these in the Cooperative for £1, and they brought back a lot of memories. I used to love these. 
They come in a multipack of 5 and each pack is 25g. You get quite a few "fish and chips" in the pack. 
They also had a very strong vinegar taste. The biscuits are also pretty crunchy, kind of like a ritz biscuit. They tasted like they used to too, which is such an amazing thing. Usually when they bring back products from years ago, they taste different. Luckily, these were just as I remembered. 
Each 25g packet is around 124 calories. There is also a little news paper clipping about a salt trawler colliding with a vinegar delivery, which is pretty funny. It would have been nice to have different funny news clippings on each of the five packs! 

If you have never tried these, I suggest popping along to your nearest Cooperative and grabbing a multi pack for £1! They are really good, especially if you love salt and vinegar. They are so worth the £1! 

5/5 hearts for this! 

'till next time, 


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