Growing up, growing apart

I'm having a rather sleepless night so a blog post is in order. I feel rather nostalgic tonight so thought I would write about growing up, losing people and gaining people. I believe that I truly haven't grown up yet, and most likely never will. There's always something to learn, different experiences to encounter, more people to meet.
I've been speaking to quite a few friends lately, from high school, right up to now. It amazes me how much things have changed since high school. People I used to talk to, but don't anymore. 
From an early childhood, I witnessed a dramatic change. My best friends at the time kept going against me, but I kept going back. They were not popular, neither was I. However, eventually in Year 6, I told them to go away, and made new friends. 
In high school, my friends stayed right up to 6th form. Although "best friends changed often". In year 9 I became best friends with a girl named Shona. We are good friends to this day! Thankfully, not much has changed friendship wise from my high school friends. The one's I want to keep in touch with, I am. 
Then university came along. What a BIG change this was in my life. It was the first time I was moving away from home, living in a completely different city. I moved from Newcastle to Edinburgh, and to someone who has just turned 18, was a big shock to the system. I cried and cried for days because I didn't want to leave my friends and family behind. Luckily, I made some good friends. One I still am in touch with, although wish I was in touch with a lot more. Sadly some friends have left my life, which made a big impact of my last year of my undergraduate degree. 
I met a girl on my course during my project and we became good friends. We ended up doing the same masters course and moved in together for 1.5 years. Now that the course has ended, we both went our separate ways, although still keep in touch now and again. 
I started my job at Edinburgh Zoo during my project year in my undergrad, and stayed for a year and a half. I met so many different people, worked with so many different ethnicities. It was amazing. I had a lot of "friends", but the ones I keep in touch with now are the ones who made a dent in my life. 
It goes to show how one's life changes through the years. People come and go, but you should never regret any part of your life. Everything that has happened, or stayed the same has shaped who you are today. You still have a lot of learning to do, lots more people to meet, and a life to live. 

'Till next time,


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