Hectares Sweet Potato Crisps Review

I love crisps! I received a pack of crisps made with sweet potatoes in the March Flavourly Box. They're made by Hectares. 

I love sweet potatoes too, mashed, as a jacket potato, roasted. But sadly, sweet potato as crisps really didn't do it for me! My boyfriend hates any form of potato apart from crisps, and he too didn't like them. 
I can't explain taste-wise as to why we didn't like them. We didn't even finish the pack, which isn't normal for us, especially how it was a 35g bag. Maybe a different flavour would do the trick? 

I don't know where you can buy these in shops, but they do sell them on their website Hectares Snacks for £24 (Pack of 24). So that's £1 per bag, which is pretty hefty for a 35g of crisps! 

The good thing about them was the crunch. Each crisp was crunchy, and thickly sliced. 

They want to convert 1% white potato crisp eaters to sweet potato crisps, but I don't think they are any healthier as it's fried in sunflower oil, like all Walker's crisps. I think white potatoes and sweet potatoes are equally as unhealthy when turned into a crisp.  The same goes with a lot of the other vegetable crisps. These are also more expensive, pretty sure you can buy white potato crisps for cheaper than £1 a bag.

Sorry guys, I am Team White Potato with this one! 

1/5 hearts I'm afraid. Interested to try the piri piri flavour, but wouldn't go out my way to buy a pack. 


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