Joe and Seph's Gin and Tonic Popcorn Review

This lovely little product was included in my April Flavourly box. I heard about this product a few times prior to receiving this. They have numerous poporn flavours which I've heard that they are all really good, and flavoursome! 
Popcorn can be bland, or lack in flavour. Some overdo it by adding a large coating of caramel. The product originates from London, and are handmade. 

The packaging is great, very eye catching. You can see the popcorn inside too which makes this product appealing. The Gin and Tonic flavour is also very eye catching. Gin and tonic is probably one of the top favourite tipples in the UK. 

I was sent a 32g bag of gin and tonic popcorn. Joe and Seph's website sell them in 120g bags or 70 g bags. So this must have been a sampler. Quite a big sized sample bag too! It served two people, although I could have eaten more (I'm greedy). 

A 70g bag costs £4. The 110g bag is £5. It is on the expensive side, however it is worth it! It has such a unique flavour. You can taste a subtle hint of gin! I find gin and tonic bitter so don't enjoy the drink, however the caramel in this popcorn sweetens the tonic flavouring. There is 5% of gin in this product and 5% tonic water, which is infused into the caramel. All of the alcohol should be cooked off, leaving just the taste (don't quote me on this...).

The popcorn is air popped, there are no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives. It is also gluten free and suitable for vegetarians. A serving (17.5g is 88kcals). 

Overall, I rate this product 4/5 hearts. 
If I saw these in stores, I would consider grabbing a bag, probably not the same flavour, but if they sold a variety of flavours, I'd grab a bag and try them. I'm not sure if they sell these offline, I've never seen them in stores. They were sold on QVC and 

Find Joe and Seph on twitter here

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