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It's been a while since I wrote about my day to day life. I originally have this blog to update about my life, and my ups and downs. Food blogging is a filler, to fill my time between life posts. It will all change once I reach Korea, as it'll range from travelling updates, to food updates and life updates. Hopefully those who read this can keep up :)! 

I've been living in Stornoway for almost 4 months now. I've had my fair share of happiness and unhappiness here. When I first moved, it was fine, I had a job where I worked around 25 hours during the Christmas period, but then it all went downhill. I didn't get hours at work, and there was literally nowhere that was looking to hire, let alone hire me! My mood changed to being gloomy, and hating life in Stornoway. 
I literally had 0 hours for two months, that means staying at home, doing nothing. The weather was awful, 70 mph winds, heavy rain, you name it!
Luckily, I was allowed to volunteer at the local school, and that filled some of my days. 

Thankfully, my hours have picked up slowly. It went from getting 4 hours a week, to 30 hours! A big change. The weather has changed also, there has been sunny days lately. All of these aspects has change my perception of Stornoway. I like it here now. Definitely not enough to live here for good though! 

I miss the mainland a lot, more-so the buses and having a shop nearby. Here, the buses are sparse and there is little regularity. Buses can be three hours apart sometimes! You could be stuck in the town for a few hours before the next bus back out! Also there are no buses on Sundays, which is terrible for people who work on Sundays! 
I also miss popping around the corner to buy a bar of chocolate, or a bottle of coke. Can't do that here unless you want to walk 5 miles into the town or 6 miles to the petrol station. Or wait for a bus of course. 

The best part about living here is the scenery! On a nice day, Stornoway can be beautiful! Here are some photo's of the Island:

This is Coll beach. A lot of the beaches in Stornoway look like this! Makes you feel like you're in hot country! 

The beaches are so quiet, there is usually no one on the same beach! Therefore all of the sand is untouched. We jumped into the sand and I wrote David ♥ Kelly in Korean! 

It's lambing season! There's so many lambs and calfs. These were so cute to see! 

Coll beach, a massive beach!

Tong Beach, the tide goes so far out. When it's in, this whole place is covered. Can be a dangerous place to walk, mushy sand etc! 

Enjoying the view :)

I look rather small compared to the big beach! 

So that's it for this update :)! Not much going on apart from working, and planning Korea! So many documents to get! 

'till next time, 


  1. I think I'd feel very similar to you moving away from the big city. I've now lived in 3 cities and a suburb of another. I think living on Stornoway would be a challenge and a half!

    1. Oh it is challenging sometimes, especially during the beginning months. I'm getting used to the place, and their laid back nature, but it's definitely not for me! Beautiful place, but not a permanent home sadly!


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