Malay Laksa meal kit from review

I recently ordered the March Flavourly box, and in it contained a small box with three ingredients to start the process of cooking the Malaysian dish, Malay Laksa. The meal kit is from a company called simply cook, which can be found here. For £10 a month, you can get four meal kits sent to you. This is rather expensive for only four meal kits only containing herbs and sauces! Especially if you have no idea whether it would be good, and also needing to buy fresh ingredients on top. 

Luckily, Flavourly had one included in their box to try. At first I was sceptical. I didn't think it would be flavoursome as they were three small pots! 

The ingredients needed to make the laksa and prices I paid are as follows:
- Light Coconut milk £1.80
- Bunch of asparagus £2.00
- Chicken breasts £4.00 (The recipe asks for chicken thigh meat! So would be cheaper)
- Coriander £0.60p (sale) 
- Butternut Squash £1
- Rice Noodles £1.20 

So, totalled up, it's £10.60. Not including having to order the Malay Laksa meal kit, which would be around £2.50 per box (£10/4 for each meal kit you get from!). 
The entire meal feeds two people, but I made enough for three by adding an extra chicken breast! 

The process of making the Laksa in pictures!: 

I'd advise using a big frying pan, deep enough so that sauce won't spill out of it. As you can see, I had to change pans half way!

1. First, peel, de-seed then cut up the butternut squash into cubes. Fry in a tablespoon of oil for around 3 minutes. 

2. Dice up the chicken while the butternut squash is cooking, or prepare it in advance! I used 3 chicken breasts. You can use any cuts of chicken! Even add prawns! Add to the butternut squash. 

3. Mix in the Laksa paste from the meal kit to butternut squash and chicken and fry for a further 3 minutes. 

4. Meanwhile add the chicken stock from the meal kit to 300 mls of boiling water

5. Add the chicken stock mixture to the pan with the chicken and butternut squash

6. Add in a whole tin of coconut milk to the pan 

7. Mix the ingredients well 

8. Add the asparagus 

9. Add the rice noodles 

10. Add the herbs from the meal kit and cook for around 6 minutes, or until chicken is cooked through and butternut squash is soft. 

11. Serve in a large bowl, with a garnish of coriander. 

As you can see in the picture, it looks pretty authentic! I was so surprised at how it looked, let alone how it tasted. It was literally, just adding things to a pan and cooking. It tasted amazing! I've never had Malay Laksa before, but there wasn't a lack of taste at all, which I was afraid it would be! 
There was also enough sauce to add extra chicken, and possibly more ingredients to serve more people, we had so much "soup" left over in the end that it could have done with extra ingredients. If the pan was big enough!
I would purchase further meal kits from Simply Cook! But I don't think I would do it monthly. It would be a nice option if you could buy individual meal packs, rather than monthly boxes! 
I have a 50% code which I used for my first box, sadly you can't edit your first box, but you can in your second. Not sure if I'd carry on after the next box, I do want to try the beef pho though! 

I hope this post made your mouths water! It sure made mine water as I wrote it! 

Overall, this product is worth 5/5 hearts! 


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