Nakd Caffé Mocha Review

I recently bought a case of mixed Nakd bars from an online store doing a 50% off promotion for their 10th Birthday. I bought these as I wanted to find a more healthier snack! Nakd bars are packed with dates, and depending on the flavour, they are also packed with other fruits and nuts. 
The company suggests that they don't process the bar, but everything is "smooshed" together to form a bar shape. Sadly, I tried the "Berry Delight flavour", but it was disgusting. It tasted too much of dates and not the actual berry flavours. 
The Caffé Mocha bar was completely different. Upon first opening, I could smell the coffee in the bar. Sadly, the appearance of these bars are a let down, they look like logs of poo! 
Taste wise, you couldn't taste the dates as much. The coffee and chocolate flavourings were strong, which is was great. It overpowered the dates which is what's needed in the Berry Delight. 

The bar is gluten, wheat and dairy free. It is cold pressed and never baked. No added sugars or syrups. 100% vegan! The Caffé Mocha bar is 130 calories, which is possibly due to the cashews!
Ingredients: Dates (55%), Cashews (26%), Raisins (12%), Cocoa (6%) and a hint of natural flavours. One bar is also 1 of your 5 a day! Brilliant. 

It's a great little snack, and can range from 0.99p a bar in health food stores. Some online stores offer a multi pack of 18 bars for around £15 depending on flavour. 

Overall for this flavour of Nakd I give it a 4/5. 


  1. I had my first Nakd bar today (okay I ate three!), and was really surprised how much I enjoyed them! I don't even like dates but I was still amazed how cool they were. I'll definitely look out for this one though x

    1. I think the more fruitier ones are rank...but the ones loaded with coffee and chocolate tastes the best...although doesn't look appetising.


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