Perry Court Farm-Air Dried Apple Crisps: Sweet Review

I received this item in my Flavourly box. I'll be mentioning Flavourly a lot, as they had quite a few products in the box I'd like to review on here :)! 
This product amazed me! The only dried apple product I've tried are those spongy apple slices you get in health food stores. Again, I was sceptical at how good these would be. 
The only ingredients are apples! Nothing else according to the ingredients list on the back of the packet. Therefore, they're around 73 calories per 20g pack! The same as a normal apple, Brilliant! Because they are only made of apples, they are also one of your five a day. It's a great way to get fruit into your system.
They are also home grown in Kent. They vary in the apples they use, depending on batch, which I find fascinating. I think this pack contained the Cox Orange Pippin apple. 

The product is described as sweet, which is exactly what it was. Not too sweet that it's sickening. They were CRUNCHY! I always thought apples would become spongy when air dried. But these were actually crisp like. Better yet, they are crinkle cut. I prefer crinkle cut crisps to straight cut. 

For a 20g pack, you get a decent amount of crisps inside. I even shared these with David! He loved them too, and we both would buy these if we saw them in a store. We'd love to see a sharing bag of these! I would rather eat a big bag of these than a big bag of sensations crisps! 

They satisfied my crisp craving (I love crisps and crave them all the time. Since I am limiting the amount of junk food I eat, my cravings have soared). These satisfied both my savoury and sweet cravings. It must be the crunchiness which satisfied the savoury part of my cravings! 

There are two other types of crisps that Perry Court Farm produce, and they are tangy and pear crisps! Take a look at their website here!

I don't know where you can buy these offline. I assume some health food stores! Amazon sells them in packs of 12 for £9.58. Other online shops sell them for £0.56p a pack. 

I would honestly recommend these to everyone! They would be great to give to kids too!  
I would like to see these in Tesco's and other big chains, hopefully one day we will! 

Thank you Perry Court Farm for producing an amazing product. I'm looking forward to trying the other flavours! 

A well deserved 5/5 hearts for this product!


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