Portlebay Popcorn: Crispy Bacon and Maple Syrup Kracklecorn Review

Hey guys, 
Another foodie review I'd like to share with you all! I'm not a fan of popcorn at all, unless it has a lot of flavour and it has to be sweet! I hate plain and salted popcorn. I'm not even a fan of cinema sweet popcorn as it's not sweet enough. I quite like Lidl's sweet popcorn though, but only just. 
As you all know, I ordered a flavourly box, and in it contained PortleBay's popcorn! Crispy bacon and maple syrup flavoured crunchy kracklecorn! Sounds so mouthwatering! 
Kracklecorn is their registered trademark. They state on their website that they add raw cane sugar into the pot of corn, just before they pop to give it a crunchy texture. I love my popcorn crunchy! 
The packet is 25g, and contained quite a bit of popcorn, which is nice as a lot of these type of bags are filled with air. 
To be honest, I probably only ate 25% of the bag, David ate the rest because they were really good and I didn't have a chance!!! Quoting him as he finished the bag "oh god that was good". 
Now taste wise, I honestly couldn't taste the bacon! Just the maple. There was a hint of salt but it was the maple syrup flavour that shone through. This wasn't a bad thing, I loved the taste of these, they had a lot of flavour. Crunchy wise, they were crunchy, and not soft like some popcorn can be. There's nothing more satisfying than crunchy popcorn!
There are 4 other flavours to chose from in the range. I quite fancy trying the chilli and lime flavour next, if I can find it in shops! 
These flavours also come in 125g sharing bags! For £2.49. It's a little bit on the expensive side! Although, I guess most sharing bags these days costs around £2.50 anyways, probably one of the reasons why I only buy sharing bags when they are on offer. 
I'm not sure where you can buy the 25g bags in shops! I assume most big retailers? 

Anyways, yes I would buy these again, now that I know that they're full of flavour! Probably not at £2.49 per sharing bag though!
Overall, a 4/5 hearts for this product!


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