Belinda Clark's Coconut Marshmallow Review

I've never heard of Belinda Clark Marshmallows before receiving them in my Flavourly box. I was pleasantly surprised at the packaging, also the look of giant marshmallows inside. You get around 6 big marshmallows in a pack. 

As you can see in the photo below, you can see the product before you buy. Sometimes you're reluctant to buy things if you can't see what you're getting. I am the type who eats with their eyes =]!  

Once taken out of the pack, they look really plump and covered in a lot of coconut.

David was really impatient. I never let him eat things until I have a photo :]! He shoved one in his mouth before I took this one. Greedy ;]! 

Taste wise, it was good, it wasn't overly sweet and there was a strong coconut taste. The texture wasn't like the mass produced marshmallows, they were really light, and gooey. I love the generous amount of coconut that were on each marshmallow. 

Doing a little research on the product, you can buy these online at Belinda Clark's Store. There are a variety of flavours from mango to salted caramel. I must say, the salted caramel sounds amazing, they're topped with Belgian chocolate and crushed peanuts.

Each product is sold for £4 (100g). It seems rather expensive for Marshmallows, however they are handmade. I don't think I would pay £4 for the coconut marshmallows, however if I saw one of the others such as the salted caramel flavour, I'd be happy to fork out the £4 as a wee treat. They would also do well in home packed hampers! So if you know a birthday coming up, shoving one of these in the mix would be a great idea! 

The coconut marshmallows are gluten free, dairy free and egg free. Sadly they aren't vegetarian as they contain bovine gelatine. 

David's opinion "They were nice, but they were just like any other marshmallows" 

Overall I rate these 3/5 hearts for price and taste. 

'till next time


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