Bangla Spice Restaurant Review

So, David and I decided to try out somewhere different for something to eat in Stornoway. There is a very limited number of restaurants, and we've been to most of them. Our aim is to visit all restaurants at least once before we leave, which isn't that hard to do! 
We decided to try out one of the Indian restaurants called Bangla Spice. It's the same company as the kebab shop Istanbul next door (I think). Sadly it doesn't look like much outside, or inside. Pretty plain decor, but that's not so important. 

We went for their deal, where you get a starter, main and dessert for £14.95. It was the cheapest deal, and you had a wide range to choose from:

As well as curries, they also sold pizzas and burgers. I guess from the store next door! It's not a bad deal at all, pretty cheap considering it's around £10 for a main course from the main menu. 

For the starter, I had the Stornoway black pudding pakora. I love pakora and I also love black pudding. The portion size was huge as you can see. Taste wise, it's nothing special, just battered pieces of black pudding. 

David had the mixed kebab. It was a decent size too, but it was pretty dry. It also had onion bajis on top. 

We were also given complimentary poppadoms which otherwise would have been 80p a poppadom. 

For mains we had the butter chicken and I had the lamb tikka karahi. with a side of peshwari naan and pilau rice. 

The butter chicken was as expected, nice. Sweeter than I've ever had it though! My Karahi wasn't all that great. It was supposed to be "medium" but it didn't even hit that level! It was also pretty dry and tasteless. 

Ice cream was for dessert. It was a simple shop bought vanilla ice cream. No other flavours! 

There was a very odd sign in the bathroom about their BYOW policy. They sell wine at the restaurant as well as this, and also beers and spirits. The sign was strange, and "too" friendly, even quite weird! Click to enlarge...

One thing which made me query the restaurant's hygiene was the waiter! He took someone's phone order for collection. When he brought the food out in a blue bag, he went straight into the toilet. Obviously doing his business. It was pretty weird how he took the packaged food with's all covered anyways but still. 
He also left the bathroom pretty quick after flushing, which led to doubts of hand washing!

Overall, it's not the best Indian I've been to, but it's not the worst. I will definitely not be returning because the restaurant nearby called The County serves better curries...

Overall a 3/5 hearts,

 'till next time, 


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